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Regina and the Sportplatz

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Regina and the Sportplatz

Guest Writer

Hey Whyville! It's Zoey100 back again!

How many of you went to the Sportplatz on June 1? I DID! And I learned sooo much! It was also really cool to meet City Workers Jen and Bigfoot Bill. I learned a lot about the new nutrition game that is coming out and I totally support that! And I also learned about how soon we will be able to 911 report all of those pointless petitions! Also, I discovered why the BBS hasn't been running for almost a year now!

Well, in case you weren't there I'll give you a summary. The nutrition game hasn't been finalized, but here's what's basically going to happen: you will have to buy food for your Whyville person to eat. And if you don't eat right, you can get sick. Different sicknesses for different kinds of not eating right. So I expect that the more you pay for your food the better it will be for your person and the better it will taste. But you have to eat right, not only junk food.

You might be saying, well, what about newbies or people with low salaries? Well, Grandma will have a food kitchen for those people. But it probably won't be the best food or taste good either. Now, you might say, I'm not going to be here a lot this summer, what will happen to me? You can pre-order what you are going to eat, I guess. You can set food up for as long ahead of time as you can afford.

Bigfoot Bill asked us if we thought we should die if we don't eat well enough -- like if we starve ourselves or eat junk food non-stop. Someone said yes as long as we can come back to life. Well, I don't think that we should come back to life. That's not realistic. But I don't think that we should die, either. Just not be able to chat or speak or something until we get better. Maybe we get sent to the hospital?

Now for the BBS. I asked Bigfoot Bill about this one and he told me it was because there weren't enough people to monitor the BBS. (Note from City Hall: Bigfoot forgot to mention that the main reason we took down the BBS was that it is a huge stress on our servers! Taking it down meant we could let in a *lot* more people!) I think that is too bad but it's great about the 911 petitions!

About that... having 911 reports in the petitions means that we will be able to 911 report any inappropriate petitions we see, just like people!

Well, that's all I have to say!




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