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Honeybbz9 on America

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Hello guys! After writing the article "What Whyvillians think Of England", someone requested for me to answer the questions, based on what I think of Americans. I thought that was a great idea, so today I'll be answering my own questions based on what I think of America.

Have you been to the United States if not would you like to visit?

Honeybbz9: I haven't been to America, but I'd love to visit it. I have family in America who live Chicago and I'd love to visit them, I'd also love to go to New York it looks fantastic!

What are some stereotypes you've heard about Americans?

Honeybbz9: That a lot of you are obese, you like burgers. Not that I think you all are but I've heard that a lot of Americans can be racist.

What are some states you can name that are in U.S?

Honeybbz9: Texas, New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Ohio, Alabama, California, Virginia, Michigan, Las Vegas. I think that's all I think of right now.

What are Americans known for?

Honeybbz9: Burgers and Hollywood stars!

Overall what do you think of America?

Honeybbz9: Well you definitely have some nice places for tourists over there, I do have issues with your government but I want to visit America one day.

I hope you enjoyed this article, it was me giving my opinion on America and things I've heard about you guys. It was interesting finding out what Americans think of England so I thought I'd do one about America. In no way am I trying to offend any American people. The stereotypes were not what I think of you they are just well known stereotypes.


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