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There's s stigma
It states
My intelligence is defined by my grades in school
And it tells me
That if my GPA is not a 4
I am merely a useless fool

There's a belief crawling about
It's sly but it's clear
It attacks both sexes
Whispering in their ear
"Suck it up, be a man"
"You kick like a girl"
As if my organs can identify
My capability to hurl

And there's this idea
It tells me
I must give my innocence away
As soon as possible
To fit in another day
And if I refuse,
I am prude
But if I accept
I am still booed

And we keep playing these games
Even though we're all to lose
Because we're all desperate
To fit into another generation's views

But I can tell you
My GPA does not need to be a 4
For me to understand
The misery of war
And the names of countries are great
And so is knowing the answer
But they will not stop my friend
From dying of cancer

And I can tell you
That my sex did not determine
My front position in soccer
Nor did it earn
My winning medal as a runner

And I can tell you
That my innocent will stay 'till marriage
Because I'd rather not be
16 years old, and pushing a carriage

And I can tell
You probably don't agree with me
On my views or stances
Because all my kind of people get
Are discontent glances
But that's alright
Because I understand I'm decried
But at least I'm not living for another generation
Who has misguided you with pride


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