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Happy Birthday, Seto Kaiba!

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October 25th is the birthday of the Kaiba Corp. King, Seto Kaiba, so to celebrate this occasion like a proper fangirl, I've done some drawings of Seto Kaiba and his younger brother, Mokuba.

This is a pretty simple picture because it was my first attempt on Seto and it was three in the morning when I drew it. It was done entirely in pencil, of course.

This is the lovable Mokuba Kaiba! He was done the day after the first picture of Seto, and I think he came out tons better. I used pencil for him. His hair was a serious difficulty because he keeps it so long and wild. I felt that he was appropriate to draw in celebration of Seto's birthday because there's nothing more important to Seto Kaiba than Mokuba Kaiba, and the brothers wear lockets in the shape of Duel Monsters cards with pictures of one another inside of them. Seto and Mokuba are a package deal.

This is my second drawing of Kaiba Seto. It was also my first attempt at shading, so I was extremely proud of how he came out. I used pencil on this entire drawing, and after I shaded it, it didn't look nearly as smooth as it does now, so I blended the shades together with a tissue. I spent a minimum of four hours working on this because I just have to do him justice.

This is a poster! In the corner, I've written "Happy Birthday, Seto Kaiba! 10.25." I thought that it would be fitting to draw Kuriboh. Seto, obviously, is not happy about the Kuriboh in a party hat trying to celebrate his birthday with him. I did the rough sketching of this in a regular graphite pencil and then colored it in with colored pencil. Seto doesn't like Kuriboh, but I decided to include party Kuriboh because Kuriboh is one of Yugi Mutou's most well-known monsters, and Yugi used it regularly in duels with Seto. Through his use of Kuriboh, Yugi taught Seto that there was more to Duel Monsters than just attack strength and that even the weakest of your monsters can win you a victory. Yugi (and Yami Yugi) affected Seto's views on life the most in this series, so I incorporated a piece of that into the photo to also celebrate Seto's development of appreciation for even the seemingly weak.



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