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When the Lines of Reality and REM Blur

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I wake up in a grouchy mood, as I always do. I try on everything in my closet but nothing fits, I'm so fat. I look in the mirror to fix my hair but it wants to do only what it wants to do, which is stick out in every which direction, I look like nobody owns me. I go to put on my makeup but take one look at myself and don't bother, it will draw too much attention to my face, and I'm so ugly.

I go to get my favorite cereal, my brother ate it all. Oh well, I'll eat the dietary stuff, don't need to get any fatter anyway. Yell at my annoying babysitter, get in trouble, everyone is out to get me. Look outside to check the weather, oh great it is raining, should be another nice half hour walk to the bus stop, even the sky hates me. Walking up to the bus stop, the bus drives right by me and splashes me in its rush, oh well I couldn't look any worse anyway. Walk to school soaked, by myself.

Get to school, look at all the pretty girls walking by while watching the drooling boys in my peripheral, nobody will ever look at me like that. Hear the bell ring, get pushed out of the way trying to get to the door, fall in mud, this day couldn't get any worse. Sit down next to someone I don't like but that goes without saying to them, get handed back a test, I got a 17% out of 100%, I'm so stupid. My best friend of 12 years says I'm bringing her down and she doesn't want to be around me anymore, oh well I didn't like her anyway I guess.

Walk home in the pouring rain, ignore everyone, I don't have anything great to talk about anyway I guess. Get changed into my PJ's, nobody is going to see my face again today anyway. I think, I don't know if I want to be here anymore.

And this was all before I even woke up.


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