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The Bakery Trip

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I eyed every sweet and savory item in the bakery . . .
The sweet and sour, the creamy and tangy.
It made my mouth water with please.
There was cakes. All you could think of.
A rich and divine chocolate cake, with a thick, gooey icing.
A delicious looking cream cake, I watched as a lady working there sliced up the decadent cake.
Rich, snow-white cream oozed out all on the cake platter.
There was also chocolate eclairs. The thick, chocolate topping cracked as a small girl bit into it.
I watched in awe, as bright yellow custard spilled out onto her plate, along with whipped cream and bits of flaky pastry.
The pizza's were baked hot out of the oven. I could smell the gooey cheese, tangy capsicum, creamy mushrooms and black, tasty olives.
The smell was breathtaking . . .
I looked at all the different pies in the glass cabinet.
Spicy, hot chicken.
Thick, rich steak.
Creamy potato and succulent beef.
I saw a man holding a crispy, flaky, hot pie.
As he bit into it . . .
The pastry caved in as the beef spilled out onto his napkin . . .

'What can I get'ya, sweetie?' the lady said interrupting my thoughts.
'I'll have a loaf of bread please.' I said politely.
As she handed me the bread, I had one last, quick look at the gorgeous treats.


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