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The Painful Goodbye

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Author's Note: This is about my would've-been-stepsister if she was still here.

I know you were killed when I was a kid, however, I remember everything about you. I remember that when you were nervous you'd play with your hair. I remember that you loved horses and you always wanted to ride a horse. I remember that you hated to be called Josie, which your dad (and later my dad too after my mom married your dad) called you all the time. I remember that your eyes always became bright when you were talking to your boyfriend.

I wish your boyfriend hadn't been drinking and hadn't crashed into the tree which instantly killed you. I would have loved to be called your sister. You were smart, pretty, and so much fun. I think about you often. I often have nightmares thinking about how you were killed. I couldn't stay at the assembly we had the other day about dwi. I ran out of the auditorium crying. It was too hard for me to be there. I miss seeing you.

I wish there was a way I could go back to then and convince you to walk home instead of going with him. I wish I didn't have to keep reliving the painful goodbye that I wasn't able to say then. I hope you're listening to this Josephine. I miss you a ton.


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