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In the Clouds

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Creativity is my outlet. Through my imagination, I am able to articulate as I write or visualize as I paint. Interestingly, I often gain my inspiration for stories because of my drawings or vice versa; in fact, the digital painting below is a product of such. I had a vague idea in mind, so as always I sketched it out and saw a realm of possibilities. Soon enough the picture was done and as I gazed at it, I was struck with a concept.

Since I was little, I was always fascinated with the skies, probably because my dad was a pilot. I thought to myself, "What if there are people who live in the sky? How would they survive, what would they look like, and why would they be hiding from us?" From answering those questions, I came up with some notions that I could follow for a prospective novel, but they're mostly just for fun.

* The volatili are a race that has existed since the dawn of time. For ages they have lived among the clouds on sky-islands, riding upon their winged steeds, the caelores.

* Their shape is quite similar to that of a human, but their bone structure is quite different, as it is nearly hollow like a bird's. Sometimes they grow feathers in a variety of places, though this varies from volatilis to volatilis. These characteristics enable them to glide on the wind for short periods of time, and they typically wear lightweight clothing to do this with more ease.

* They have a hunter-gatherer type lifestyle, so they often travel many miles a day to search for sustenance (which mainly consists of birds and berries). The volatili rarely, if ever, visit the surface, though they sometimes land on high mountains to rest or gather herbs.

* This race remained nearly undiscovered by humans for centuries . . . that is, until airplanes were invented. Since the volatili are a minority in comparison to humans, they began downing unsuspecting planes and sometimes even sinking ships with their cannons and powerful caelores to protect themselves. Because of this, many mysterious legends have been told about the area they inhabit, the Bermuda Triangle.

* In the past, the volatili flourished, but over the years the other sky islands around the world have collapsed, leaving less room for their habitat.

When was the last time you came up with some inspiring ideas? If you don't mind 'releasing' them, share some of your dabbling ideas in the BBS!


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