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I'm pretty sure everyone on Whyville knows the legend Banjomann! He's well known for his awkward imagination and all the BBS posts he posts daily. I would be lying if I said I don't like Banjomann, he's beyond hilarious and always makes my day. Though I'd appreciate it if he wasn't so unsensitive at times. I decided to write a Whyvillian in the Spotlight just for him to show my appreciation, and that I'd love to be good friends with him.

Banjomann is originally from America, however he moved to London recently. He says he's slowly getting a British accent. Banjomann enjoys living in London and says it's always been one of his dreams, to come here. He lives here with his wife and child after leaving the rest of his family in America.

Banjomann has a Whyville crush on Monet1616, he wrote a poem just for her a while back which surprised many Whyvillians. He's a very lively person and enjoys commenting on the forums. He also seems like a bit of a poet and is not very bad at creative writing.

Monet1616: This one time there was a spider and BanjoMann was like "WOAH. SPIDER." And the spider was like "WOAH. BANJOMANN." Good times, bro.

Cathris: Banjomann is a great friend. He offered to take me out shopping and hold my bags for me. What could be better?!

Delp: BanjoMann and I have been BFFs for a long time now. Many of you know BanjoMann as the poet who wrote Monet that beautiful poem, but to me, he is my partner in crime. He is trying to be a nicer person than he was in his old trolling days, and I am very proud of him for it. We are best friends, bandmates, and most of all, WE ARE THE MASTERS OF PUPPETS!

Dahcutie: Banjomann is one of the most funny users I have met on this website. Whether it's his hate on the government, sassy remarks, or his amazing avatars. He never fails to make me smile. This man can also tell quite the amazing chicken joke, if you ask me.

Those were some of Banjomann's friends leaving him really nice comments. I hope you've enjoyed this article Banjomann. I love you, and I hope we can be great friends my fellow Englander.


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