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Whyvillians on Arabs

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Arabs are Semitic people, from certain countries in the Middle East and North Africa. There a lot of Arab stereotypes out there the usual ones are the whole terrorist nonsense, being really rich and a lot of others. I am an Arab myself so I wanted to know what other people thought of us, so I interviewed some Whyvillians on what they think of Arabs.

Honeybbz9: When I say 'Arab' what's the first thing that comes to your mind?

angel9978: What I think of are the articles on women not being allowed enough rights, and a woman on the news who protested by driving a car.
dance633: The Arabian Peninsula.
Monet1616: Middle Eastern people for the most part.
CAIR0: I think of the dark-skinned people concentrated around places like Saudi Arabia and extending all the way to Iraq. Arabic abjad also comes to mind.

Honeybbz9: What are some Arab stereotypes you've heard of?

angel9978: I've gotten the impression that they are all Muslims and are terrorists. The men still don't believe in gender equality and are hairy, nomadic camel-riding, desert-living people. I know that these aren't true and don't believe them, but those are common stereotypes that are often said.
dance633: I've seen all Arab pictures as a dark man, which all are not.
Monet1616: The obnoxious "Arab = misogynistic terrorist" stereotype that I'm absolutely sick of hearing.
CAIR0: Depends on the area I'm in. In America, Arabs are rumored to be inherent terrorists. Back in eastern Europe where, go figure, Middle Eastern cultures carry a heavy influence, Arabs are called primitive wife-beaters.

Honeybbz9: Do you know any Arabic food?

angel9978: No I don't, which is rather amazing, since I love international food.
dance633: Oh my, yes. TAFATHALO is one of my favorites though.
Monet1616: I've tried a bunch of Arabic food because some of my friends bring it to school for lunch but I don't know the names or what is in them... Just that it was wonderful haha.
CAIR0: Shish kebab, dolma, and baklava. Their cuisine reaches as far as Romania!

Honeybbz9: How many Arab countries can you name?

angel9978: They are Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, and I think Sudan. That's all I can think of off te top of my head, although I'm pretty sure a majority of the Middle East are some of the Arab countries.
dance633: Iraq, Palestine, and Syria, are the only ones I am familiar with.
Monet1616: Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Palestine . . . I'm not even close to naming all of them, am I?
CAIR0: Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, and Palestine. I think Iran and Jordan are also categorized as Arab countries but I'm not positive.
Honeybbz9's response: Nearly all of the ones you guys have named are Arab! Well done. As for Cairo Iran is a Middle Eastern country but their not Arabs, Jordan is an Arab country.

Honeybbz9: What are Arabs known for?

angel9978: As I said, terrorism, but I think this is thought of because of 9-11. But there are a few Hollywood stars that are Arab, as well being involved in science.
dance633: I do not know, but this is not a strong subject for me so I would not know.
Monet1616: The most prominent feature of some Arabic cultures to me is the beautiful dress for special occasions because WOW.
CAIR0: In terms of stereotypes: violence. In my own opinion: Literary works like 'One Thousand and One Nights' and arabesque art/architecture that revolve around ceramics and mosaics.

Honeybbz9: Trick Question;do you think all arabs are muslims?

angel9978: No, I know for sure since my school is very multi-cultural, and I know a few Arabs who go to Catholic church with me.
Monet1616: Not really.
CAIR0: No. "Arab" is a term applied to people with similar cultural and linguistic attributes. Being Muslim/Islamist is a religious title. But it seems as if the two are used interchangeably in western media, so I can see why people would assume they're the same.

Okay guys it's time to wrap up this article, thank you very much to all those who participated. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and let me know any other Arab stereotypes you've heard, or any other Arab countries you can name. Also let me know what you think of this series so far and any other countries, races or subjects you'd like me to interview Whyvillians about.

Signing off . . .


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