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Whyville Guide, Part 3: Tips and Tricks

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Whyville Guide, Part 3: Tips and Tricks

Guest Writer

Hi Citizens!!! Here I am once again with the next part of "The Whyville Guide".

I'll start with my Tricks of Whyville.

First, the much-wanted Haunted House: Last year, around Halloween, if you went to Dr Leila's house, there was a bag of candy on the path or somewhere near there. Click on it, and there you were! At least, that's what people told me. I've never actually been there because something always seems to happen around that time for me. Around the beginning of November, I think someone published some photos of the Haunted House. I understand that the year before, the trick to get into the Haunted House was totally different. I wonder what it'll be this year...

Next, well let me think... I suppose that there is a trick to the games: The Skater Game is one of the easiest in the book. I may have already told you how to do this, but anyway, the thing to do is line up all the colored dots. Remember to write down or remember the code, and only do it when you get to World Champion or whatever it is. That will get you a gold medal and your daily salary increased by several clams.

I will tell you ONE of the Geodig Sites: Mexico City. Two of the areas you need a pick for, the other one a sifter. I think there are only three dig areas here, but I may be wrong.

Now, you can get more clams outright: This is good if you are talented at art. Go to the Face Factory! If the part you designed is accepted, and people like it, then you could earn thousands of clams a day! Designing face parts is especially good when you have a high salary, such as 30 or more, as you can then charge more clams for your parts.

Ok, now onto my Tips.

Always keep a pen and paper near your computer. This may come in handy for donating, codes, face part names or anything else you may need to remember.

If you don't own a Why-Pass, I've found you can usually get in when there is 140 or something or less, so keep your map handy!

Don't spend all of your time in one place. I usually spend some time in the Pool Party, then to Akbar's, then to the Square to see if any newbies want any spare parts, then to the Playground, then the Sportplatz -- you don't want to hear my daily routine, but, anyway, balance out where you go. That way, you meet more friends, take part in more projectile fights, win more beauty contests or at least take part in them or judge them, and get more face parts.

Limit yourself to a budget!!! I usually try to spend no more than 300 clams a day unless I'm buying a room and have the spare clams. If you have a small salary, you might not want to spend as much.

You want to get 'famous'??? Well, you can either put yourself in the limelight by getting yourself a 'label' in the Times, whether it is as a Y-investigator, Times Writer, Fashion Writer, Whyville Poet or any of the many labels they use. You can design face parts and get famous in the way Googles has, or you can become a Why-mail helper, just to name a few good ways to get yourself known. Oh, also you may get yourself known for craziness or something like that.

But before we move on, I must say this: Whatever you do, do NOT try and become famous for your hacking, or cunning in collecting passwords, and do NOT get yourself famous for the amount of times you swore, or gave someone your password, etc!!! Those are good ways to have your name disappear from Whyville from getting yourself banished!

OK, that wraps everything up. Over the next week or so, why-mail me questions, and the most frequent ones will get put in my next article. Also, mail me any comments on anything in Whyville -- that will be a another part in the article, unless I get so many good questions that I wouldn't be able to fit most of them in, in which case I will put them in another article!!!

This is Biscuit, signing off... *clicks* *murmurs* stupid computer! *click*



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