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British vs American Slang

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Hello guys! This week Angel9978 and I decided to do a little challenge for you guys. It's called British Slang vs American Slang! I gave Angel9978 six British slang words for her to guess the meaning of and she gave me American slang and I did the same. Take a look at how it went and who was the overall winner, the person who guessed the most correctly.

British Slang

Honeybbz9: What do you think 'hench' means in British slang?
angel9978: A buddy, or friend.
Honeybbz9 response: Incorrect it means something that's muscular or strong, but good try.

Honeybbz9: What do you think 'ace' means in slang?
angel9978: A person who's really good at sports.
Honeybbz9's response: In slang it actually means 'very good.' But I'll give you half a point.

Honeybbz9: Guess what 'gobsmacked' means in British slang.
angel9978: To be surprised.
Honeybbz9's response: That's correct.

Honeybbz9: How about 'peng'?
angel9978: Food . . . or short for penguin.
Honeybbz9's response: No haha it actually means someone who's really pretty.

Honeybbz9: What do you think 'Bob's your uncle' means?
angel9978: Something about pointing out the obvious?
Honeybbz9's response: Correct, it means like there you go!

Honeybbz9: What do you think 'knackered' means?
angel9978: Sleepy.
Honeybbz9's response: Correct.

angel9978 overall score: 3.5/6

American Slang

Angel9978: What do you think a 'buck' means here in America?
Honeybbz9: Ah, I think I know what that means. Is it like slang for a dollar, we say quid here as slang for a pound.
Angel9978's response: Right. It's a dollar.

Angel9978: What do you think 'chicken' means in American slang?
Honeybbz9: I think it means like a wimp.
Angel9978's response: Right again, haha.

Angel9978: Guess what 'chilling' means in America?
Honeybbz9: Like relaxing.
Angel9978's response: I'll give you that, it's that meaning, and also like hanging out with your friends, depending on the context.

Angel9978: 'Couch potato'
Honeybbz9: Not sure, someone who's lazy and is always on their sofa.
Angel9978's response: Right again.

Angel9978: What do you think 'phat' means in American slang?
Honeybbz9: Fat?
Angel9978's response: It means cool, but good try (: I thought it mean fat too, but it's used in phrases like phat ride, meaning a cool car.

Angel9978: Last one guess what 'zonked' means?
Honeybbz9: I literally have no idea does it mean like stupid or something.
Angel9978's response: It means sleepy or tired, or that's how I use it.

Honeybbz9 overall score: 4/6

I won by half a point! We hope you all enjoyed this article, and if you know any other slang let us know. Thank you all for reading.

Signing off,
Honeybbz9 and Angel9978


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