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This week's Whyvillian in Spotlight is my good friend BoganPoop aka Eli.

This is her:

It all started with my other friend Dawnleaf who introduced me to her at beach. Ever since, we have become much closer friends and can relate to many of our real life situations.

At the moment my mom is going through chemotherapy and Eli has been very supportive of my moms journey and my journey as well as a caregiver. Seeing your beloved parent go through such a horrible medication really takes a toll on you. There are many emotions that runs through your mind such as, 'Is she going to be okay,' 'Why her? She didn't deserve this,' or, 'I hate this part of my life.' However, Eli has taught me to stay positive and help my mom go through this rough journey. She told me, "Your mom must be so happy that a supportive son is helping her fight this, the most important medicine is love."

From time to time now, Eli and I talk about are life situations and give each other advice on it. We both have our specialty on how to handle tough real life situations. Though, there is one thing Elinor has taught me and that is, "Don't let your emotions get in the way of life because you only make your quality of life uncomfortable. Always stay positive and be happy, because at the end good things always happen to good people."

To conclude this, Eli I love you as my little sister I never had and hope we can continue to talk for many years to come. One day Eli and myself will explore the secrets of the world as we both love traveling.

Author's Note: Mystery girl, since you don't like being on the Times, just know that you have been a sister to me these past 6 years on Whyville. You too Madduxs, you are like a little brother to me. You guys have been the most amazing friends that had stuck with weird person like me haha! That includes you Eli.


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