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Reign of Terror

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I know you lurk every corner
So I walk with my head held down
Your words, they hurt like sharp thorns or
Spears, pushing me onto the ground

I try so hard to be your friend
And I never disobey you
But your taunts never seem to end
And you're always backed by a crew

You sit there in your mighty throne
While you rule with an ironclad fist
Subjects without wills of their own
They're too scared to cease and desist

They have seen the power struggles
And they have seen the gruesome pain
Experienced by outcast subjects
Who tried to go against the grain

I can't afford your silken clothes,
Polished gemstones or fancy shoes
I look up at your turned up nose
While I work hard to pay my dues

Why must you be so mean to me?
I know I'm an easy target
But why can't you have sympathy?
You make me feel brokenhearted

I hope one day you realize
That your reign will come to an end
Your attitude will be your demise
And you'll be left without true friends

Life rewards hardworking peasants
And not high and mighty queen bees
So I struggle in the present
Waiting until the day I succeed


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