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The Thing About Success

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Authors Note: This was originally a class assignment to write nonstop about success for 20 minutes straight, so of course this isn't a very polished essay; but instead just to get my point about success across. So here it is, the complete unedited version.

Success is when something has gone well or when someone has done well. Success is different to everyone. Like if a small, violent boy has exploded a Porta-Potty, he might think this is successful; or if a tall, middle-aged business owner managed to make the doors in his house taller so he can fit. Success is something different to many people, but mostly, it is when something has gone well, something that isn't a failure.

If there were two choices to doing something, someone might think one choice to doing something is success and another might not. However, both think "success" is something that has gone well, or done good. *This means that while some people think successful things are different success is still known as something that has gone well, or the opposite of failure,*

One example is if a starving girl with no dieting restrictions eats a pie with 5 lbs of lard she might think it is success. But if a 500 lbs man who is on a diet might not think so. This shows that different things are success to different people, but success is still something that is an achievement in all cases.

A time I was successful was when I did something that was an achievement. I managed to bake banana bread that wasn't bad-tasting, actually. To me this was a success, but maybe to someone on Master Chef Junior it would just be an amateur thing. This proves how success is a different idea, to everyone, but still is the ideal of not failing.

As a conclusion, I think this was a good, successful essay. But, as always, some snob in Cape Town in South Africa who writes long essays about cloning DNA will think my essay here is the worst piece ever.


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