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"Help the newbies!" contest.

Hi this is... well, I'm not going to say who this is. I am going to put on a contest called "Help the newbies". I'm going to dress up like a newbie. The first Whyvillian to be nice or try to help me will win 60 clams! And then they will find out that this is a contest. However, I'm hoping they will use this money to help another newbie.

So finally, you can be rewarded for being a nice person!


Guest Writer

"I am no Newbie!"

These are the words I am hearing. "I am no Newbie: I have been here longer then you!" Words are a crime. Always remember that -- words break a friendship, tape you, and make people call you a "newbie". Words are crime. Shhhh, don't talk: Your words are a crime, you should be locked up, held as prisoner. Your words are a crime, hush your mouth: shut it your words are crime. The things you say, the way you put it, hush up, your words are crime.

Please no more talky, your words are a crime! The words you say, the way you say them, make me feel as though you have pulled me in. I don't wanna play these games, I had nothing to do with it! Don't lock me up, I spoke no words and said no crime. Words are crime, so shut it, hush up, Shh, no more talky, can I put it any clearer? The words you say the way you put them, please PLEASE I beg you don't pull me in.

I spoke no words and I said no crime. I don't wanna play these games; your words are your crime!


Guest Writer

Hey Whyville!

This is magickal here to report on the Feminist Movement in Whyville! First of all, I would like to ask you if you think it is fair for women to be stereotyped. Yes? No? Well, women don't think so. So I have created a Feminist Movement! This movement is all about abolishing stereotypes of women all around the world! I have written this article hoping that boys, grrls (the feminist word for 'girl'), newbies, oldbies, EVERYONE, that means YOU, will join! We will destroy sexism in Whyville and hopefully give the adults reason to believe that children are not to be shielded from the world because we will find out and it will just be worse if we discover it all on our own.

Why-Mail me if you would like to join! If you are rich, maybe you can give me an admittance fee, to help with the costs of setting this up?

This is magickal, signing off trying to get into Whyville... (click!)


Guest Writer

Hi, I'm Whyvillian snoopy83,

I agree with Megangel7. Whyvillians should work more to raise their salaries to get more clams.

Whyvillians that ask people to give them clams may not have many or no clams. If the Whyvillians that need clams worked more, they would have more clams. I myself don't have that many clams, but the more I work the more my salary is. If we all worked more, the more clams we would all have.

Now, if you Whyvillians think that earning more clams is a dream, it's not a dream, because the more you work the more you earn. I don't know about other Whyvillians, but I know that I'm going to work harder.

This is snoopy83... signing off!!! Thanks for reading.



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