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Vacation Destination: Alberta

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If you are looking for a trip to take that provides beautiful nature, yet has great cities, this is a great one for you! Alberta, Canada, is home to many amazing mountain ranges, lakes, rivers, and is home to the cities Edmonton and Calgary.

Located just 14 kilometers outside of the Village of Lake Louise, is Banff National Park. In this beautiful park is the Moraine Lake, a glacially-fed lake that is situated in the Valley of the Ten Peaks. During the summer, primarily in June, when the lake is at its fullest, it takes on a distinct color of blue, which is a result of glacial rock flour. While spending a day at this amazing lake, you can enjoy million dollar views from the shoreline or take a hike on the trails that surround the lake. Whichever way you choose to go, it's sure to be an amazing sight to see!

Another great place to visit is the Athabasca River, in Jasper National Park. This 765 mile long river is a great place to relax, and it provides great views of the Collin Mountain Range.

While even though you are enjoying all of this nature, I'm sure you are wanting to take a trip to one of the great cities in Alberta, Calgary! Located in the prairie in the southern part of the province, Calgary is situated next to the Bow River. Calgary has received great awards, such as the world's cleanest city, which they received in 2007 from Forbes Magazine. Alone with that, Calgary was ranked in fifth place, tied with Adelaide, on the list of the best places to live in the world. A visit to this city is sure to satisfy your city-scape wants.


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