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Anime Invasion

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Anime Invasion
Has it gone too far?

by Pikachu2
Guest Columnist




Hi It's me Pikachu2 with my article "Anime Invasion: Has It Gone Too Far?". First I interviewed some fellow Whyvillians. First up, koollkid:




Me: Have you ever spent money on Anime?
koolkid: No
Me: Do you think you ever will?
koolkid: Yes
Me: Do you think anime has gone too far?
koolkid: Yes. It is over-rated.
Me: Thank you!

Next was Karra

Me: Do you like anime?
Karra: Not really. I don't like the pictures.
Me: Does anyone in your family like it?
Karra: I don't think they ever heard of it!
Me: Do you think it's going to far?
Karra: I think they all look alike.I don't understand them.I think Digimon copied Pokemon.
Me: Thank you!

I decided to take it out of Whyville by asking my best friend Casey*.

Me: Hey Casey! I have a few questions to ask you!
Casey: Ok
Me: Do you like anime?
Casey: Nope
Me: Do you think the anime invasion has gone too far?
Casey: Yes it has.
Me: Has anyone in your family ever spent money on it?
Casey: Nope
Me: Do you think they ever will?
Casey: No way
Me: Thank you for the interview!

(* name changed to protect privacy)

Now who am I to blame?I LOVE ANIME, but I think it's gone too far. It's starting to make people crazy like the Beanie Babies and Tamagotchi fads. Soon it's all be gone.

Anyway this is Pikachu2 signing off! Good Night!



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