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Also in Regina

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Also in Regina

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If you saw link123's article, you know I was also at the Town Hall Meeting in Regina.

I've heard a lot of stuff about everyone that didn't come to the Regina Town Hall Meeting even though they live in Regina. I agree with link123 perfectly. I drove 2 and a half hours to get to that Town Hall Meeting!

But to the people who didn't come and had spare time to head down to the University and didn't, why not? I'm obsessed with Whyville and so is link123, so we both ask, how come you didn't come if you live in Regina? It was well worth attending! It was free! Superid answered our questions and everything!!

Did you know that superid is one of the founders of Whyville? Very few people knew that until he told us. He was very entertaining in his presentation -- he actually had a sense of humor! He also told us some secrets that I shouldn't tell. LoL! Shhh.

    Superid on password stealing: "I think it is more the Whyvillians fault that gives out their password. So is it really stealing? Maybe. But both of them are at fault."

Now, there were a few other things that weren't mentioned in the articles that I'd like to mention.

First off, Whyville was thinking of putting up another Geodig site here in Saskatchewan! But that's a maybe; hopefully it will become a fact.

Here were some of the questions asked by the Whyvillians at the Meeting:

What about the game cheats?

Superid wasn't the least bit mad... in fact, he thought that it was good. Seeing all these Whyvillians typing out and figuring out the answers for the games, then posting them up, means that they have to be reading them and understanding what's going on. He said learning doesn't always have to be each person figuring something out on their own.

What's in the future for Whyville?

Later this year, superid said he hopes there will be Junior City Workers giving tours around Whyville. Also, there might be a new game where you have to try to survive on Mars. Plots will be open to everyone so you do not have to wait for a plot in the morning -- you can buy as much land as you can afford. There may be a new Geodig site. That's basically all I can remember. LoL!

Hopefully there will be more Town Hall Meetings. It was sure fun, I also got that souvenir that link123 had in his other article, except it was green. LoL!

Other people were taking pictures of us and our Whyville characters, which was cool. You almost felt like a star. LoL! It was really fun. Sadly, only about 10 people showed up. I was so happy that I had a baseball tournament in Regina. We drove for 2 and a half hours to the Town Hall Meeting, and it was worth every second of it.

Next time, if you are in the area of a Town Hall Meeting you should go! You won't leave displeased. You get to meet Whyvillians. I met giggler01 and link123 coolman99 it was really fun.

That was my Regina meeting experience. Since it's almost 12:00am, I'd better get to bed! LoL!

Till next time, this is Sonner! Bye!



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