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Photography Tricks

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Hello everyone, I take a photography class and I learned a few things on photography (of course) and I'd like to share them with you. Although, these are just a few ways to help make your photograph look better, this is just my opinion and I'd like to point out that photography is all about what satisfies your eyes not anyone else's (but it does help).

A true picture to me is one you can catch at the perfect moment and don't have to use any photo editors. I also want to point out that these pictures are from Google and are not mine. Simply because I was too lazy to take a few on my own. Let's begin!

Rule of Thirds

Rule of thirds is pretty much when you use guidelines to put your picture more to the side than in the center. Some pictures do look good in the center but it might look a little better if it's on the side a bit like in the picture below.

Natural Borders

With Instagram, we can put borders on our pictures right? But no border is as good as a natural border. Usually, natural borders are arches but you can find them anywhere. You just have to have a photographer's eye.


Our eye likes everything to be easy. If we blur the background of a photograph, it gives the eye something to focus on. It brings out what you feel is important in your picture.


Perspective in a picture can help show a deeper meaning to a picture. Or you can use it because you just think it's cool.

I hope this helped even a little to enhance your photography and make you an improved photographer in the future.


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