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How to Style Blondes: Part 2

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As promised in my last article, I'm here today to show you how to style a cool blonde girl. Again, it's not hard. "The Best Clothes for Blondes" by Megan O'Neill on beautyroit.com says this, "Blonde hair can either be classified as cool (think platinum, beige, and ash) or warm (honey, golden and champagne) and the main goal is to match your hair's hue to the colors of your clothes," so, when trying on clothes, look for clothes that highlight you hair.

Cool blonde basically means a very light blonde, that possibly even looks white or gray, with tints of blonde. For example, Taylor Swift is a cool blonde. You will look stunning in pastels and colors with blue or gray undertones. If you have platinum hair, almost white, with pale skin, you will look great in mint green and baby blue. Dusty shades of pink or lavender will look great as well. Today, I'm going to show you two outfits, one for every day, and one for those more special events.

The first outfit is fancy. The top is mint green, which looks great with platinum haired girls. The bottoms are neutral, so the focus stays on the top.

Personally, I love the collar, because it makes it different from other sweaters. It can be dressed up or down, but please, please, please wear a cami underneath! This top from JC Penney is $9.99 on clearance. It is called Decree? Turtleneck Sweater. These Star City? Slant Pocket Pants look very formal, and can be used to easily dress something up. They are $18.00 at JC Penney. The necklace and earring set is simple, and will go with nearly anything! The Eiffel Tower Pendant & Round Earrings is on sale at JC Penney for $7.20.

Now the casual outfit!

This brushed pink top is simple, but cute! It is brushed pink, which looks great, but is simple, so you are wearing the outfit, it's not wearing you! This Arizona Long-Sleeve Tee is on sale for $7.99 at JC Penney. I love these jeans, because they have tons of personality in them. I love the embellishments and rips. These Embellished Skinny Jeans from JC Penney are $42.00.

When you dress, make sure you wear your personality on your sleeve, literally. Your clothes show who are! Put color, texture, pattern and shine in every outfit, to add interest.

Author's Note: These prices are from December 12th. They may change.


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