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Princess of Disguise

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What do you see when you look at me?
Do I hide the pain of reality?
What would you use to define me?
Cares for nothing, or cares about what the world thinks?

I am the worst kind of criminal,
Hiding behind my lies.
You can't see who I really am.
Because in this world, the girl that is me, isn't really there.

I wear a mask daily, do you notice it?
Can you see my eyes, how they're bloodshot, red?
Can you tell that I've been crying for 17 years?
Or do you not even see that I'm sitting right here?

I may seem comfortable in my own skin.
But it would take years for me to let you in
and show the truth, to someone like you.

So why bother building up the trust?
When you're only going to let me fall.
Don't try at all.

I'm the queen of lies, and ice princess.
I may seem cool as can be in my biggest times of stress.
You can't break through the walls, around my heart,
they're made of stone.
I'm much better off alone.

I am the worst kind of criminal, always weaving lies.
You don't know me, do you?
I am the Princess of Disguise.


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