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Ways to Increase Fiber in Your Diet

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A diet high in fiber is very important to keep your gut healthy. It is a common misconception that fiber is digested. When you eat fiber, it swells up in your intestines, increasing the size of your bodily waste so that when you defecate, the whole process is a lot more comfortable for you and your body. Eating a low fiber diet increases the risk of you having constipation or bowel cancer. Defecating can be painful and cause damage to your gut.

Also, if you're looking to lose weight, a diet high in fiber is often more filling, meaning you consume less calories. A diet high in fiber is also known to help maintain normal blood sugar levels (important if you?re diabetic) and to help support heart health. I found it a struggle getting enough fiber in my diet. I was often sitting on the throne for an extended period of time! I decided to make my own wholemeal bread. I felt the effects within a few days. I felt my gut smiling at me.

Here are a few things you can do to ensure you eat enough fiber. For adults, the recommended fiber intake is at least 18g.

1.Swap white bread for brown or wholemeal. Wholemeal bread is a very good source of soluble fiber.

2.Eat plenty of fruit. Fruit (especially the skin for fruit like apples, pears, etc) is a good source of fiber. Not only that, it tastes good, too!

3. Try eating porridge with a small handful of fruit for breakfast. Porridge oats are a source of insoluble fiber. If made with milk, the calcium will also help prevent osteoporosis.

4. Choose wholemeal pasta. Although some people think that it tastes different, is crunchier and takes longer to cook, this mostly isn't true. In my opinion, wholemeal pasta actually tastes better!

5. Cook your own high-fiber foods! As I said earlier, this worked really well for me.

6. Don't forget to drink! Fiber swells up in your stomach, taking more liquid. With changes to your diet, you will find you will need to drink more than usual. Don't neglect to do so!

7. Use oatmeal in home cooking. Oatmeal is a very versatile ingredient which you can use for anything! Sprinkle a little in cakes or add some to your breakfast.

Take these changes slowly, or you may find yourself with people wanting to move away from you! More fiber does, unfortunately, mean farting more often, so don't try everything in one go! Using two of these tips a week will be enough to help increase your fiber intake as well as holding bad smells at bay!


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