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How to Pack for Holidays

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Hello guys! Today I'll be giving you some advice on packing suitcases. I've had to pack many times in the past, as my family enjoys traveling at least twice a year. This year I've been to Belgium, Dubai and Saudi, which meant I had to pack my own suitcase and be very smart about it. I hope this will help you guys; these are just things I do to make sure I've got the right things in my suitcase. This article will be based on how I packed for Belgium as it was one of my more recent holidays.

The first thing I always do, is research the weather in the place I'm going to. When I was going to Belgium, I first noted that the weather there was going to be pretty warm as it was summer. However Belgium being part of Europe, I knew it would get cold at times. This is what I recommend you to do when you're traveling. Knowing what the weather will be like in the place you're going is very ideal because you'll know the type of clothes to pack. If you're going on a very hot holiday, like Dubai, you'll know you'll need things like sunscreen, dresses and short shirts. However if you're going to a colder place like England you'll know you need a coat, jumpers and boots.

The next thing you need to note is the activities you'll be doing, on your holiday. When I was going to Belgium I knew that I would be swimming, shopping, cycling and activities like that. Again you have to know the sort of thing you'll be doing, because it's pretty useless to pack maxi skirts and dresses if you're going to a place where you'll be climbing mountains. Knowing the sort of things you'll be doing is very important, because if you're going on a beach holiday where you'll be chilling on the beach all day, you'll need things like a swimsuit, sunglasses and sunhats. Whereas if you're going somewhere where you'll be cycling and sightseeing you'll need more casual clothes like jeans and shirts and comfortable shoes.

When you're packing your clothes, you need to know how long you'll be away for. One of the most important things I note, is that whether or not I'm staying in a family's house where I can wash my clothes, or in a hotel. When I was going to Dubai, I stayed for two weeks. We stayed in a family's house so there was no need to pack fourteen pairs of clothes for everyday, because that would be pointless. Whereas when I was going to Belgium I wasn't staying in a family's house. Only pack things you'll wear, and useful things that you can wear with your other outfits. For example a black cardigan can be worn with a lot of things you might be taking with you.

When I'm packing shoes, I look through the clothes I'm taking and take shoes I can wear with most of them. Things like black flats are great, because you can use them with a lot of outfits and they go with a lot of things easily. I like to get a carrier bag and put in all the shoes I'm taking, (unless they are things like heels because they can easily be ruined) then I put the bag into my suitcase. This way I'm not taking up to much space in my suitcase and it's a lot better than piling the shoes one by one.

As for makeup, I like to put my makeup into a travel makeup bag like below.

I don't wear that much makeup, but bags are like this are very useful.

You could also use the same sort of thing to pack your toiletries, because it's organized and very easy to just put into your suitcase. If you're taking some makeup or toiletries on the plane with you, it's vital to have a clear bag with you like this.

I hope this has helped you, these were just some of my tips on how to pack that I find useful. Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you've enjoyed it. Let me know if you've found any of these useful, or if you do the same sort of thing as me when you're packing.



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