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2013 Times Awards Nominees

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Hi everyone,

It is my great honor to announce the nominees for this year's Times Awards. Every year we recognize the best of the best! This year has been another great one for the Times. We had a lot of new writers emerge and become new Times Writers. We had a new category showcasing citizens' artwork take off and become one of the most popular. And this year, we've had 746 articles published and counting! You should all be proud of your hard work and the success of the Times.

This year the nominations are a little bit different. You'll see that some categories (like Poetry and Art) have more articles to pick a winner from. That's because in those particular categories there were many more submissions, so there are more articles nominated.

So here we go! Here are the nominees for this year's Times Awards! Please make sure to read each article before voting.

Article of the Year

Film Noir: A Dream Never Met - 0chenz0
A Year Without You - Bibi4evr
The Brave Daughter of India - holiday50
Whyvillians Revealed: One Year Later - HotTrent1
Speak Out - Kittieme
Shiloh Pepin: The World's Only Mermaid - LilaStorm
What is Your Dream - N00ra
14 Years - ocean10kv
2012: The Magic of a Moment - Xoxkitkat
A Plunge into the Unknown - Zicker

Contribution to the Times


Science Chicago Award

Gum: The Not So Long Life - Bibi4evr
Not So Mythical - HotTrent1
The Ocean's Shyest Creature - Kittieme
Busting Brain Freeze - Xoxkitkat

Interview of the Year

Grief: The New Sickness - Bib4evr
Remakers - DahCutie
A True Dedication - Diminish
Whyvillians on Arabs - Honeybbz9
Whyville Wishes for Welcomes - KandHshow
How Whyville Has Changed Us - IBeMary1
Relationships 101 - MeBeLizzi
What is the BBS - nico511
iUpdated - Xoxkitkat
Thoughts on Food - Zicker

Review of the Year

Movie Review: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - HotTrent1
Book Review: Eleanor and Park - MeBeLizzi
Paint it Red - Rexyp1
A Whole New Musical - Xoxkitkat
Book Review: Ranger's Apprentice - Zicker

Collaboration of the Year

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody - Bibi4evr, HotTrent1, and Xoxkitkat
Music Lovers - Cutelemon and Zicker
British vs American Slang - Honeybbz9 and Angel9978
Do's and Don'ts: Whyville Girls Edition - HotTrent1 and Bibi4evr
The Modern Day Boston Massacre - HotTrent1 and Xoxkitkat

Help Article of the Year

How to Make a Resume - Bib4evr
How to Make a Mini Hovercraft - candy5111
Ace Valentine - HopeLuvs
Shark Attack Triggers - HotTrent1
How to Make Blueberry Cream Cheese Crepes - Xoxkitkat
How to Create a Pop Up Cake Card - Zicker

Entertainment Prize

Find That Robot! - holiday50
Of Donuts and Dragons - HotTrent1, PAlNTlNG, Thinmin12, and Xoxkitkat
Spot the Difference - KandHshow
Sunday Smackdown - Xoxkitkat and Bibi4evr
The Pineapple Pilferer - Xoxkitkat, HotTrent1, Bibi4evr, and HopeLuvs

The Poetry Prize

Friendly Animosity - Bibi4evr
Trip to Europe - booksRus
Lost Lovers Love Song - coyotenon
Reign of Terror - holiday50
This is My Normal - KandHshow
More Than You'll Ever Believe - Kittieme
Carry Me Through - MeBeLizzi
I Miss You - MsStreame
Press Esc to Exit My Life - natnat10
Dark Brown Eyes - N00RA
Confessions of an Ugly Girl - oopsdaisy
Ashes - sctupelo
Tired Soul - Theallywa
The Trouble With Time - Xoxokitkat
Immortal - Zicker

The Prose Prize

A Better Place - AlexisPee
I Have to Get This Out - Kittieme
My Last Breath - MeKissYou
Nothing is Sweeter - Rexyp1
The Temporal Club - sloane
She Was - Theallywa
Into the Darkness - truemind2
Our Eternal Heartbeat - Zicker

Series of the Year

Hogwarts Cup - Bibi4evr (also see articles 13930, 13969, and 13992)
Whyville Crossword - HotTrent (also see articles 13565, 13587, 13598, 13616 and 13632)
Big Mac: How Strawberry Shortcake Ruined My Life - Kittieme (also see articles 13627, 13637 and 13654)
Price Punch - Xoxkitkat (also see articles 13751 and 13789)
Native Australian Animals - Zicker (also see articles 13476, 13515, 13554 and 13635)

Art Achievement

Hair - Anoinett
Basset Hounds - HotTrent1
Watercolors - iciek1
A Collection of Art Assignments - LeaSidhe
Car Wash Art - MsStreame
Skull - Nargles
Royalty - Nicenfun
Cory Monteith - ocean10kv
Rapunzel - Pixsie16
Moon - richy605

Congratulations all of our nominees. Look for voting to begin on the Front Page soon. The Awards Ceremony will be on Sunday, January 12th at 4pm WhyTime. See you there!


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