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Mosquito Lagoon

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If anyone is an avid fisherman, they have heard about the famous Mosquito Lagoon. This body of water is located on the east coast of Florida and is famous for fishing. I was lucky enough to take a trip up there to go fishing. Though we didn't receive much cooperation with the weather, we were able to catch fish and have a great time.

Our main target on this trip was the Redfish. Where I'm from, the only chance you have at catching a redfish is when you accidently hook up with one. What I'm trying to say is that we don't hook up to many redfish. So the chance to come to an area where there are schools of redfish that can number in the hundreds was a dream come true.

What I really wanted to see on my trip there was tailing redfish. This means that the tails of the redfish are sticking out of the water because they are digging around in a foot or less of water for crabs, shrimp, etc. I was lucky enough to see around fifty tailing reds before some bad weather hit.

When you see a school of fish like this, it pretty much means you're going to catch one. They are feeding and will pick up your bait in a second. Just make sure you are quiet and not casting into the middle of the school and you should hook up! We were unable to target these tailing reds because the weather changed from sunny and hot to winds gusting at 25-30mph and a ten degree temperature drop. Gotta love Mother Nature! The only luck we had with redfish on our trip was when we randomly would cast to the spoil islands and hook up with one there. On our final day we were able to see the fish coming at us. We spooked a lot of them, but came up with some nice keeper fish. That is the a little bit of what my trip was like at the mosquito lagoon on the East Coast of Florida. I highly recommend going there for a fishing trip. Just hope you get better wind conditions than my friends and I got.

I wish you tight lines!


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