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Coming Together

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A few weeks ago a friend of mine was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma. It's a very bad type of cancer. He goes to my school's rival school. The school I go to is full of farmers, while his school is city people. When we play them in basetball their seniors dress up as farmers, taunting us and where we come from. They don't want to be seen with us. Their school has thousands of kids, while ours only have a few hundred. We were all like complete opposites. But when my friend was diagnosed with cancer everything changed.

He found out about a month ago. No one really knew at first. He thought he had hurt his shin playing football. It turned out that's where the cancer had started. His school had found out first. Thousands of kids went on Instagram making a trending hashtag. On the last Thursday before Christmas break, his high school was going to all wear blue to show support. Our school saw what they were doing. We knew we had to put our hatred aside and show our support. We decided we would participate, too. No one should have to go through what he is going through. We started to share the pictures on Instagram. So many people saw the picture. People in Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, and so many other people were wearing blue for him. Everyone came together to help show support.

I know that our rivalry will never dissapear, but it was very eye opening to see that we all came together. I'm glad we were able to all put aside our issues to help this kid who needs all the support he can get!

Author's Note: He is still battling cancer, and we all continue to show our support. Please keep him in your thoughts, as this type of cancer is a rare and dangerous. Thank you.


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