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Loving Your Body

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Quick: How much are you supposed to weigh given your age and height?

That's right - you don't know. And why don't you know? Because there's no exact answer for this, though I've seen many people try to ask this exact question. The amount that you're supposed to weigh is the amount that you weigh when you are making healthy choices and living at least a semi-active lifestyle. There's no set weight that people of a certain height are supposed to be. It depends on far too many factors, including genetics and metabolism - two things that are beyond your control. This is why we often see people who can eat seemingly everything and not gain an ounce.

Despite the fact that we know this, people are still upset about their bodies. Eating disorders exist almost entirely in western cultures, so our obsessions with our bodies must be due to environmental influences rather than biological ones. Unfortunately, the media has damaged a lot of minds by advertising what is the "perfect" body. This perfect body would require you to practically starve yourself, workout daily, and rearrange where all the fat in your body goes (which is, by the way, impossible). Such perfection is unattainable, so why do we strive for it?

The best way to approach the problem of hating your body is to put a new perspective on it. As we speak, every cell in your body is working to keep you alive in functioning. All of your organs are working together in perfect harmony to allow you to function normally. You've got two legs that allow you to get you to where you need to be, two eyes that can help you see the beauty in the world, and so much more that we often overlook. Try walking around blindfolded for an hour and you'll discover just how much you'd miss your eyesight if it ever left you.

Your body loves you even when you don't. It's important to look at it for what it does for you, rather than what it looks like. Human beings come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. If fat wasn't necessary for survival, it wouldn't exist in your body. Everything your body has/does has one purpose, and one purpose only - to keep you alive. It's there to help you stay healthy. So, make sure you appreciate it because one day you might find yourself missing something that you used to have!


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