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A Year in Whyville: 2013

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Every year has its own special set of memories, jokes, and defining aspects, and as we make our way into the new year it's always fun to look back at the year before and point them out. Now that 2013 has come to an end, it seems safe to say it was nothing less than eventful, and thankfully we're privileged enough to be able to reminisce on the good times here today.

Kicking the year off, The POC (Party Organizing Committee), Whyville's unofficial party-creating group hosted a 2013 New Year's Party at Club Scion and surrounding areas. And what could be more memorable than our winning bread couple or the many memes by our banana City Worker, Lopan.

This collage highlights the greatest part of Whyville: friends. From spontaneous conga lines to maniacally planned BBS takeovers, we've made our fair share of humorous memories. The year would certainly not have been the same without our very own group of jokesters and punners to keep us on our toes -- non-existent ones that is.

Whyville brought in a new tradition this year on top of the annual prom and Halloween parties: Mardi Gras. With it came the many Whyvillians adorn in the exclusive masks made by Akbar for the event. And of course, no event is complete without our beloved Wishing Well which was decked out in gold, green, and purple.

Just when we thought a party couldn't get much better than Mardi Gras, Whyville brought us the 2013 Prom. A step up from the musical chairs and "Surfin' USA" tunes of old, this party was complete with dazzling new chat rooms, limousines, photo booth, games like rose toss and tag, and snazzy new music that completely immersed you in a fantasy world of fun.

Not only did City Workers bring new events to Whyville, but they took a unique spin and allowed the amazing Spliced to become our very first and only Game Leader. This is part of a pilot program Whyville has initiated, and if all goes well, there could be even more Game Leaders roaming (or should we say hiding?) around.

Not only was this year successful due to Whyvillians, but props are definitely in order for our lovely City Workers for making it all possible. With new city workers like Niner49 who have just joined the gang, and our old-time favorites, fabulous new events were created such as the party mansion, Dragon Challenges, and Stressed avatars!

These events all lead up to our new year, trending currently as the year of the money. We are all very happy to share our most special moments of last year with you all, and are excited for the many more memories to come this upcoming year. Thank you to all Whyvillians and City Workers alike, and we wish you all the best this new year!


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