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Love Finds You

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They say once you get there, you can't ever leave
Or you'll pay with your heart and your happy memories.
But isn't it worth it? Wouldn't you pay
For a happiness you can't get any other way?
The warm liquid feeling inside of your chest,
And the spikes 'round your heart that won't let it protest,
The soft summer sunsets that brushes don't know
With purples and pinks that paint just can't show,
In the cool of the dark at your window alone,
The starlight and moonlight's surrounding your home.
There's something alluring about losing control
And for all the world's wonders, I'd do it. I know.
But the thing about finding the place that you need,
That you long for in agony, in pleasure, and greed,
Once your foot's out the door and you've opened your eyes,
You're dizzyingly blinded, your mind's paralyzed.
All that you know is no X marks the spot
And every wrong turn holds a live wire shock.
You fall into searing and merciless fire
As your skin bubbles up, chars off in the fryer,
Each naked nerve being raked at and reamed
With your lungs crying out in sandpaper screams.
Your vision fades slowly to black and white ash
And like a leaded balloon you wobble and crash.
Past the fire's black snow, you notice its light
And a crackling lullaby sings you into the night.
You find that sleep's silent, edgeless, and soft
Bringing visions of starlight and sunlight aloft.
And as the warm sunrise sails into the sky
Your eyelids are lifted as if by a sigh.
You sit up on a cloud behind oranges and pinks,
And the dream seems to keep, though you endlessly blink.
From far across the room, you notice his eyes
Brimming with care, but you aren't surprised.
Finally understanding, with a hurdling shove,
You never found that place of happiness and love.
The soft summer sunset, the stars and the moon,
The warm liquid feeling you feel when you swoon--
Love found you; you just needed to see,
Open up your eyes, and use your mind's key.
They say once you get there, you can't ever leave,
Because it finds you in your heart and your happy memories.


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