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Milk Day Memories

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On Saturday, January 11th, citizens decided to celebrate National Milk Day for the first time ever on Whyville. The festivities were held all day and were entirely run by the citizens and their own creative minds. There were not only activities in the chatrooms, but also smaller contests in the BBS as well. To make the celebration even more special, many Whyvillians were seen sporting cow costumes, cow shirts, and other milk-related articles of clothing.

The day started off with a group of citizens chatting and taking a group photo at the cafeteria tables.

Meanwhile, some users decided to start their own milk-related or cow-related contests in the BBS.

A little bit later in the day, some Whyvillians put together a projectile war on the moon. The goal of this game was to hit as many of the cow avatars as you could with a variety of projectiles. Some users decided to drop milk bottles everywhere to add to the atmosphere!

During the event, we even caught one of the cows enjoying the milk bottles that were left on the surface of the moon.

All in all, National Milk Day was a huge success here on Whyville. It was so successful that most of the cow face parts in Akbar's sold out before noon!

If you missed the events this year, don't worry! The Whyvillians involved had so much fun with all of the milk activities that it's sure to become an annual event on Whyville. For all of you who could not make it, or for those of you who wish to relive this fun day, here are a few extra pictures from the festivities:

Whyvillian nicenfun talking about how she moos at cows, which she refers to as "moo moos", whenever she passes them by.

Whyvillians xoxkitkat and MadamTaz sharing a Milk Day hug!


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