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Honeybbz9, A.K.A Char, is a very inspiring person. I was reading her BBS comments and admired the way that if she had a belief, she would stick with it, arguing her case convincingly. You see, that is where I fall down. I can have an opinion, but as soon as someone says I'm wrong, I back down and agree with them. Char and a small group of Whyvillians have inspired me to stop doing that, and to stick with my beliefs. But hang on! - This article isn't about me - it's Char's turn in the limelight!

To start with, Char and I didn't really get off on the right foot. Even when we weren't friends, I had always secretly admired her. I sent her mails now and again about irrelevant things to get her attention; it didn't work. As I matured, I began to realize that friendships don't happen overnight - you have to take them slowly. Eventually, I began to talk to her more and found her a very interesting person!

Like me, Char is of British descent. We are an endangered species on Whyville, with only about five active British Whyvillians. Char has a strong opinion on many things. Having a conversation with her is very interesting because of her views on many diverse subjects. These range from stereotypes to religion and racism. Char is almost fourteen now, but already demonstrates talent and empathy beyond her years; her articles have improved phenomenally over the past three months, and she was nominated for a few of her articles in the Times awards. Her fashion articles are becoming increasingly popular - her sense of style is very astute!

After discreetly y-mailing Char with several questions, I discovered that her best friend is DahCutie, known as Kat to her friends. I wrote to her immediately and she was delighted to oblige and wrote a paragraph about what she thinks about Honeybbz9.

Char is a wonderful person. She always is coming up with unique ways to spice up the times and puts her full effort into her writing. She has always had an outgoing personality and makes quite the contribution to the BBS.

Char has the ability to empower many people. She is determined, has perseverance and is very good with words. I really admire how resilient she is and her articles are my favorites. I would prefer to remain anonymous.

Char is an amazing person. She has potential; she could be anything that she wants to be. We want to see more of her articles! The comments she received were wonderful and I really think that Char will go far. We're with you!


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