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2013: A Great Year

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In 2013 a lot of great things happened to me, but this isn't the section to put those things now is it? But one thing that happened in 2013 was that I got my VERY FIRST camera! I had taken so many pictures with that camera of everywhere I went. The wildlife park, the beaches, the Cabot Trail, and just little adventures I set out on with my dog Kiedis! I actually was just looking through them on my computer and they brought up some great memories from 2013, so I decided to share some with you! Some of them aren't the greatest pictures, but they brought memories back and I really like them so I decided to share anyway.

I kind of have a thing with taking pictures of sunsets, especially at this specific spot because they always seem to be so pretty!

Yet another picture I took of a sun set, they are just so nice!

This is a picture I took of my dog Kiedis catching rocks in the water. He doesn't like swimming, though because he sinks to the bottom after a minute because he is too heavy.

Yet another sunset, there are a lot of these, haha.

I took this picture from a place us Capers call "Perch Rock", it is so pretty there.

Well, I have lots more pictures I could show you, but there would just be too much! So I guess I'll stop here then. Hope you all enjoyed a little taste of what my 2013 was like, and I hope yours was just as great as mine!

~ redhottay


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