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Nickelodeon versus Disney Channel

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I would consider myself a television addict. I watch at least two hours of television each day, and if a channel isn't in HD I freak out. Today I'm going to talk to you guys about two kid's/teen's channels, Nickelodeon (Nick) and Disney Channel.

Both of these channel's audience age ranges from 5-18. I'm mainly going to be reviewing the comedy shows, and some movies. How I'm going to do this, is that I'll pick 2 shows from each network - one that isn't showing anymore, and one that is currently showing. I'll also pick one movie from each network, and I'll review them all. I'll be choosing my favorite shows by the way. Let's get started!


The old show I chose for Disney that currently isn't showing anymore, is "Wizards Of Waverly Place". The show's plot is about a family of wizards living in the mortal world. The family owns a sandwich shop, and the main characters are Alex, Justin, and Max Russo. This show was great, honestly. Okay. Before I start reviewing this, I'd like to say that Disney shows, (and Nickelodeon shows,) have these annoying laughing backgrounds. When someone says something 'funny' which 70% of the time isn't funny, you will hear laughing. The background laughing is so annoying when you actually start paying attention to it! You pretty much hear laughter every one or two minutes. "Wizards Of Waverly Place" had so much background laughter. I mean - I loved the show, it was a great plot, but the background laughter just kind of drew me away. I know, it's a stupid reason. Back to the point. Anyway, I loved the main character Alex. She was always so sarcastic, and she was pretty much the funniest character.

Rating: 8 (out of ten)

The new show I chose for Disney, was "Liv and Maddie". It came out recently, in November I think. The show's plotline is two twin girls, Liv and Maddie, who are complete opposites. Liv had her own TV show, 'Sing It Loud!' in Hollywood. Liv is sort of a famous celebrity. She cares about fashion, and three words to explain Liv are fabulous, bedazzled, and famous. Maddie on the other hand, loves basketball. She doesn't care about looks or anything. She would rather wear sneakers than heels. Three words to describe Maddie would be basketball, family, and friendship. The show first started off when Liv returned home from Hollywood after her show ended, and she realizes she missed out on so much when she was gone . . . of course the girls will go through stuff like boyfriends, fights, drama, the normal Disney stuff. I actually found this somewhat one of my favorite shows. I don't really care to record Liv and Maddie and whatever, but when I start watching it I simply couldn't stop.

Rating: 8

The Disney movie I'm going to review is . . . *drumroll* "Tangled"! Let me just say that this is such an amazing movie. I can watch this over and over again, and never get bored from it. The plot follows the old Fairytale about Rapunzel. She is trapped in a tower, she has amazing blonde and very very long hair, and people climb up her hair to get into the tower. Just search it up, whatever. But I really hope they make a sequel to this. The three main characters are Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, and the old lady who pretended to be Rapunzel's mother, and trapped her in a tower until she was a teenager. Flynn Rider is wanted for stealing a tiara, and he finds Rapunzel's tower while hiding. He gets up the tower, and finds Rapunzel. Rapunzel on the other hand, wants to see this amazing lantern show. (spoiler alert: the lanterns were meant for her . . .) so they set off on an amazing journey and live happily ever after.

Rating: 9


The old show I chose for Nick, is a classic favorite. It's "iCarly"! The main characters are Sam, Carly, Freddie and Spencer. The plot is a teenage girl Carly and her best friend Sam starts a web show, called iCarly, with Freddie as the camera man (or camera boy). And of course, with Carly's hilarious brother Spencer always guest starring on the show. Over time, the show has major plot twists - Freddie and Sam dating, the crew going to places like Japan and Los Angeles, okay there's not really much to explain here. If you haven't watched this show, watch it! It. Is. Amazing.

Rating: 9

The new show I chose for Nick, is a spin off show from iCarly and another favorite "Victorious", it's called Sam and Cat! It's sort of like Liv and Maddie. The characters are complete opposites, Sam Puckett, has been to jail before. She has a motorcycle, she can beat someone up with a sock full of butter. Cat is delicate. She blacks out when she gets scared, she isn't the smartest, and three words to describe her are pink, floral, and silky. You can pretty much cannot guess what happens when they start a babysitting service together . . .

Rating: 9

The movie I chose for Nick was "Swindle". First of all, I couldn't find any Nick movies that were in cartoons. So I chose a comedy movie, "Swindle". If you've already read the book, the movie is a tad different. The main characters are, a smooth guy who can arrange anything, and do anything without messing up - like robberies, a somewhat annoying 'actress' who is obsessed with acting, an amazing gymnast who is popular, a best friend of the smooth guy who is clumsy, and is about to move to a farm if his dad can't invent something, and a guy who has no passion for acting at first, but then well - begins acting! I know, the descriptions were kind of bad, but this is a cool movie to watch at a slumber party, or a movie to watch when you need some laughs! The plot is a man buys a famous baseball card for 200 dollars, claiming it is worth way less. But in reality, the baseball card is worth a million, maybe more! So these teenagers try to get their baseball card back. I know. Bad description, excellent movie.

Rating: 8

Final Results:

I added up all the ratings, Disney got 25 and Nickelodeon got 26! So I guess I can declare Nickelodeon the winner. Remember that this is only my opinion, and I hope I don't change yours. Please Y-Mail me if you'd like me to do another one of these, and ideas of what I could do it on. This was my first article, so I hope it wasn't that bad!



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