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Love Letters!

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Even if you don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend this Valentine's Day, you still have a reason to let someone know you care! Love Letters is one of dosomething.org's latest campaigns to encourage kids and teens to help brighten the days of older adults in need. They ask everyone to make at least one homemade love letter and send it to a Meals On Wheels organization to give to a homebound senior who is at risk for suffering depression or feelings of loneliness. All those who participate are even entered into a chance to win a $4,000 college scholarship! It's a simple and rewarding way to spread the love.

If you're interested in showing a senior citizen that you care, Do Something has provided specific guidelines to reaching out this Valentine's Day.

Step 1: Make Your Card

Create a homemade card using cardstock, markers, glitter, crayons, ribbon -- anything! Make sure anyone would be able to enjoy it. On the inside, they ask that you put a nice Valentine's Day message and 3 fun facts about yourself such as what state you live in, your favorite activity, and what you hope to do in the future. Because these are older readers, remember to write so they can see it. Be sure to write large and neatly and try to avoid putting highlighter yellow words on stark white paper. Also, DO NOT include any personal information in the card like your address, last name, or any kind of contact information.

Step 2: Take a Picture

Once you're done, create an account with dosomething.org in order to find a sponsored Meals on Wheels location and enter the scholarship sweepstakes. Do Something will give you one entry for your first love letter and also for every 3 cards you make after that. There's no limit to the amount of entries you can earn, so feel free to make as many cards as you'd like. In order to be entered in the contest, snap a picture of all your finished cards and upload it to the official Love Letters campaign site.

Step 3: Send Your Cards

Use the location finder on the Love Letters website to find the Meals On Wheels nearest (or farthest!) to you. You can send your cards to anywhere in the United States and it won't take any more stamps than it would to send them down the street. So it's your choice! You can decide to keep your love letters in your community or send them all the way across the country. However, try to make sure that wherever your cards are going, they'll get there before February 14th.

The Love Letters campaign is such an easy way to do your part and make someone smile this Valentine's Day. Do Something tells us that "Depression and isolation affects more than 6.5 million Americans ages 65 and older", and something as simple as receiving a card on Valentine's Day can mean a lot to these struggling adults who may not have much family left or are living alone. Not only can you rest knowing you made someone's day a little brighter, but you can also be made eligible to win a $4,000 college scholarship! And not to worry if college is the furthest thing from your mind; Do Something will hold the prize until the winner either needs it or turns 26.

So what are you waiting for? Go write someone a love letter today!

Author's Note: For more information on the Love Letters campaign, visit http://www.dosomething.org/loveletters.


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