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A Growing Collection: Baby

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Hi everyone, today I'm here to tell you all about my favorite thing ever, Baby! What's Baby you ask? Oh! It's the name I gave to my precious CD collection! Now that you know its name, I will stop wasting your time and . . . well, waste more of your time?

So to start, I started collecting CD's when I was 10 years old. I'm now 13. My collection consists of 30 CDs, which may not seem like much, but you have to take into consideration that I'm 13, have no money, and live in a very small town where you usually can't find any CDs so I had to get driven about 5-6 hours each way (by my dad) to get most of the CDs. Since I don't want to bore you half to death I'll be telling you the story behind some of my collection, and I'll also be telling you information about the individual albums!

I'll start off with one of my favorites!

Album: Stadium Arcadium
Artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Release: May 5, 2006

I was about 10 years old, and about to be 11 in 4 days, and I remember getting my mom to take me all around town and into the city every week and I would go in every store and ask a worker if this album was there. I was always disappointed but not surprised at their answer, "No, sorry kid." I had just about given up and I was about to set off on (what seemed to be) a long journey to my dad's house for the weekend. I hopped in the car with my headphones on ready to go when my dad handed me a HMV bag (making this sound so dramatic, I know haha) and when I opened it up to see what was inside my precious Stadium Arcadium CD was there! I think I could have possibly been the happiest kid ever that day.

Album: Hullabaloo Soundtrack
Artist: Muse
Release: July 1, 2002

This album contains two CDs, disc 1 being B-sides recorded between 1999 and 2001, disc 2 being a live concert performed at Le Zenith, Paris.

I recently spent what seemed like forever running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to find this CD. I got my dad to be looking all over the mainland of the province, and me looking all over the Island, going into every store asking if they had it and again only turned up with, "No, sorry." At one point my dad went into a store and asked for Hullabaloo by Mouse until I corrected him and told him he was saying it wrong. We kept going into stores and asking if they had this CD until one day I got a phone call from my dad saying he had bad news for me, and that when he went into a HMV store they told him why we couldn't find it anywhere . . . It had been discontinued! All that time for nothing! I later ordered it off of the internet after getting over $200 in prepaid credit cards for Christmas. Unfortunately, the original cover got smashed in the post but I found a replacement in my mom's car.

Album: I'm With You
Artist: The Red Hot Chili Peppers
Release: August 26th, 2011

At the time around when this was released, my dad was working away from home and staying in a hotel so I had gone to stay there with him and my stepmom for the week. I woke up the morning of August 26th 2011 in a huge panic after remembering that this album was to be released that day. I woke up my step mom in a big hurry to get to Wal-Mart for when it opened and was dressed and ready to go in five minutes flat (which is really unusual for me). It was so important for me to get that album before my mom and stepdad is for bragging rights, so there we were waiting outside of the doors of Walmart before it even opened. The second it opened I ran right inside and to the electronics section, and apparently the CD had been selling so fast here in the Maritimes that they were just about to bump the price up to $20.00 from its original $12.00, but right before the man working in the section got to putting the increased price tag on the last row I grabbed the CD and they apparently had to give it to me at the price on the tag at the time I got it, which my stepmom was very happy about since she was paying for me this time!

This picture has a few albums in it, including Showbiz which is my FAVORITE ALBUM EVER! OF ALL TIME.

Album: (top left) Black Holes and Revelations
Artist: Muse
Release: July 28th, 2006

Album: (top right) Absolution
Artist: Muse
Release: September 13th, 2013

Album: The Resistance
Artist: Muse
Release: September 11th, 2009

Album: (bottom right) Showbiz
Artist: Muse
Release: October 4th, 1999

Album: (middle) Origin of Symmetry
Artist: Muse
Release: July 17th, 2001

The reason I didn't do separate pictures for these 5 albums is simple, I got em' all at the same time! It was around my birthday this year (November 1st, yes that's right, I get lots of candy to eat on my birthday) because I had gotten birthday money. My dad said he would come pick me up and take me to HMV in Halifax to get some CDs. I'm not a very patient person when it comes to waiting for something I'm excited for, so I was sitting in class thinking that if my dad was coming to stay here for the weekend then that's at least another 4 weeks I have to wait. So I pulled out my phone in the middle of social studies which was my last class and texted my dad (quote-on-quote), "Dad hurry, go to HMV and get these 5 albums for me and I'll pay you back when you get there. It's gonna close!" So he went to HMV and I was texting him every few seconds making sure he made it and got them, and to my luck here was only one copy of each of the albums there I wanted and that was the last of the Muse albums at the HMV store! It was a very happy day for me.

Album: Live at Rome Olympic Stadium (CD/DVD)
Artist: Muse
Release: December 3rd, 2013

There isn't much of a story here, other than my dad was Christmas shopping and stopped in HMV because I had said I wanted Folie a Deux by Fall Out Boy, and said they didn't have it but he got me another CD and wouldn't tell me which one . . . I kind of knew anyway though because I had known that Live At Rome Olympic Stadium was released that day. Nice try though Dad!

Well, that?s all I have to say about Baby for not, maybe she'll get into some trouble some time that I can tell you all about. But for now, signing off!



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