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Miranda Kerr

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One of my absolute favorite units in Art is the drawing and shading units. I've always loved shading, and trying to accurste immitate how light bounces off an object and gives it its many values, or trying to accentuate a figure with a range of soft and hard pencil.

In this specific project, we were given the opportunity to draw and shade whoever we pleased, given a stomp, a range of pencils from 4h to 6b, an eraser and our pride to swallow as these would be put on display. A lot of people chose to draw relatives or portraits that held significant meaning, but being the monotonous girl I always am in that class, I sinply chose a model-- Miranda Kerr.

I don't know her life story or whether she had an impact on the world and she isn't even significant to me, but I've heard drawing smooth faces was tough, and besides finding her appealing to draw, I wanted the challenge. I got a couple of funny stares, but the joke is on them, because the teacher said she was evaluating only the technique and choosing a meaningful portrait for the intention of a higher grade would not help them. Although it needs improvement, it was my first portrait, and I think it turned it fairly well given our time limit. Finishing this semester, I am most proud of this creation in that class, because besides getting a good grade, I had made myself satisfied and decided that I would be whether the grade was low or high.


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