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Grammy Awards: Fashion Review

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Hello everyone! Now as most of you know the 26th of January, was the official 2014 Grammy awards! Although I wasn't able to watch the awards, I looked at the outfits a lot of the celebrities wore. I was pleased with a lot them, so today I'll be showing you who I thought, was the best and worst dressed. Please note it's all my opinion, and I'm by no means trying to offend anyone else.

The Best Dressed

Taylor Swift - Now although I'm not a big fan of her music, I thought she looked stunning! Her dressed fit perfectly. It was amazing on her, and I love the colour. I honestly think Taylor Swift was one of the best dressed.

Miranda Lambert - I also think Miranda looked nice. I loved her elegant red dress, and thought it looked stunning.

Chrissy Teigen - Chrissy wore an amazing dress, I loved the fit and its color.

Miguel - Now although I'm not into men's fashion, I thought Miguel looked cool! I like how he moved away from the typical 'suit' look. I thought the leather trousers looked cool!

The Worst Dressed

Paula Patton - I really was not feeling her dress. I disliked the shape of it, and the dark colours looked very unflattering on her.

Ariana Grande - Although I am a fan of feminine fashion sense, I really disliked this dress. The fit of the dress did not look good. I just think she could've done a lot better!

Sara Bareilles - I think her dress looked absolutely awful. The design, the shape. I just thought it was a terrible choice, along with the heels and clutch.

Rita Ora - I think she's beautiful. But this dress was not really my type, I didn't like the color on her and thought she would've looked better in another dress.

Overall worst dressed - Nadeea Volianova

This woman looked absoloutley awful! The shoes made it even worse, and I couldn't even looked twice. I was just not feeling it at all!

Thank you all for reading! I really enjoyed putting this together. Let me know who you thought was the best or worst dressed.


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