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The Follower: Part 2

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After lunch and all, we gathered around the campfire and talked about our experience so far. "I like it so far, but like I said in the car, I have the feeling we're being watched. Me and Sara were talking about that in the bathroom. She got the feeling too. I'm starting to have the feeling that you guys aren't telling us what you are really thinking and feeling. Now, please, tell me: do you have the feeling that we're being watched?" I told them.

"Yes." My friends said in unison.

"Good." I said to them. Then we continued on with the rest of our camping trip and living our own lives. One thing we all waited for was supper.

For supper, we drove to a restaurant near the campsite called Sara's Lunch and Dinner Shack. The food was quite nice, to be honest. I ordered chicken tenders with french fries. I, of course, needed my barbecue sauce. While we ate, we talked about our plans for the rest of the time we were camping. "We should roast marshmallows." I suggested. In my mind, though, I wasn't sure that we would all last until the night. Whatever was stalking us wanted to kill us. Once again, I pushed the idea out of my head and continued eating.

When we got back to the campsite, it was already getting dark. We started setting up our fire again. It was rather hard because my mind wasn't thinking straight, and I didn't really know how to set up a fire. Bobby and Leslie did, and they taught me. We got all the stuff for marshmallow roasting and s'more making out once the fire was ready. At first we just talked around the fire about supper. It was nothing special. I really liked roasting the marshmallows, as I have never done it before. When my family and I came here we didn't do anything like that. I enjoyed eating the gooey marshmallow and warm chocolate inside of the crunchy graham cracker. They were delicious, and I ate two of them.

When we were all done with our s'mores, we let the flame roar on. We were still talking about our lives and everything we did. I felt something cold on my shoulder, so I turned around, and saw a quick shadow pass by. "Guys, we should go home," I shouted. "NOW!"

"Why? We were just having fun!" Bobby said.

"I know, but whatever was stalking us is trying to attack us now. I just felt a cold hand on my shoulder." I explained. We then packed up all our stuff, extinguished the flame, and headed for the office where we would sign out of the campsite. One we did that, we got in the car. While we were in the car, it would rattle. We just kept driving, until the engine magically turned off. We all looked at the witch Sara.

"Wasn't me" She said.

Author's Note: In the final part, you will find out more about what's going on. I hope you enjoyed and are excited for it! I'm so sorry for not posting this sooner. Bye, and I hope you read the final part next time.


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