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What do you first think of when you consider candidates for a Whyvillian in the Spotlight? I always think that the Whyvillian in the Spotlight should be kind, resourceful, talented, caring, entertaining, and thoughtful. The person who I think fits that description to the tee is, Bibi4evr.

Bibi and I haven't been friends for all that long, but that doesn't mean I can't admire all of her amazing qualities that she possesses. Over the course of 2013 I managed to become friends with this lovely individual and we?ve already bonded in many ways, and share quite a few jokes as well. I thought she deserved a bit of time in the Spotlight.

Bibi (aka bib) is 17 years old and a senior in high school who currently lives in America. She is an actively involved student in school, belonging to five extracurricular activities. She has always been a resourceful person, always being one to answer students or fellow users with homework questions, and if you haven't noticed Bibi is unbelievably intelligent. But studies is not the only thing that Bibi cares for, in her free time enjoys watching Netflix, reading and writing (No wonder she is such a brilliant Times Writer!), and exercising.

Since 2008, Bibi has spent some time on Whyville. She has been writing for the Whyville Times for several years now and has gained the titles of Whyville Poet and Senior Times Writer, both of which are big achievements and aren't too easy to earn. This year at Whyville's Times Award Ceremony Bibi took home at least four trophys commemorating her work for the Times. You can always look forward to her articles just about every week and witness her talent in action. All that reading and writing has definitely paid off for her, you can tell in the pieces she continues to bring us. Bibi is also an active member of the Forums community! At the moment Bibi has over 6000 posts where she has contributed wits, insight, and the occasional bad pun. While we're on the subject of her Whyville achievements, Bibi is a part of the Whyville club ThePOC that she helps run with several of her close friends; in fact she is the president!

Not only is Bibi an intelligent, witty person but she is also one of the kindest users that I have got the opportunity to meet. She is always there for everyone she cares about and will offer great advice when they need it. You can always count on her to put a smile on your face when you need it the most because she will whip up a silly joke that you can't help but put a grin on your face.

I'm not the only person who thinks Bibi is amazing though. I've spoken with several of her friends to ask for their comments and opinions on Bibi, and of course all of them think she is as wonderful as I do. Let's take a look, shall we.

Angel9978: Although I have only known Bibi for only so long, I found her to be a sweet girl with amazing talent. She is a great writer, which is very obvious looking at how many awards she won at this year's Times Awards. Bibi you deserve to be recognized!

Xoxkitkat: Biebz is definitely one of my closest friends on here! We like to rant about school, look up pictures of gorgeous actors twice our age, and freak out early Sunday morning when we haven't written anything for the Times. She's probably the best person at coming up with puns that I currently know and will probably ever meet in my life. The only bad thing that I'd have to say about her is that she doesn't share in my love of Ross Lynch, but I SUPPOSE that can be overlooked. You're the best, bib5evr!


Delp: Bibi is the reason we have gravity on Earth. Her overwhelming beauty consumes us all here on Whyville, which in turn makes us permanently stuck to the ground because otherwise, we'd be floating around everywhere, which might hinder our ability to see her beautiful face. Without Bibi, Whyville would be nothing. There would be no Whyville. Bibi IS Whyville. Rumor has it that the City Workers were about to call this place "Bibiville" but only changed it because they didn't want people to be intimidated by how gorgeous she is even though she #cantdelpit.

Jts2000: So many things to say about her. Where do I start? The excessive insults and rudeness, or the many terrible puns? Jk jk . . . kinda. Bibi is actually extremely. I'm happy to have met her on here, even though she bashes me almost every day. Her puns are corny, but funny -most- of the time. She is a great person to hang around because I can insult her without her getting offended, and she is just an all-around fun and entertaining person. Thank you Bibi for helping me when I need it, and for being a wonderful friend of mine!

In conclusion, Bibi is an all-around amazing human being and I'm glad she is on Whyville.


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