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Whyville is a website we all joined one way or another. The thing that fascinates me is how Whyville has been changing throughout the years, and I find it interesting to hear about those who joined way before my time. Whether it would be the chat rooms, parts, styles, sponsors, or just the overall site it certainly has changed throughout the years. There are people still online from the earlier years closer to when the site was first made and it's always nostalgic to think back on the good old days. I thought early Whyville sounded interesting. So today I've brought together some users who joined during different time periods, and asked them a few questions about it changing and Whyville itself.

DahCutie: When did you first join Whyville?

Fox4evr: April of 2007 on my main that has now expired.
AliChic: I first joined whyville in 2007 on the account Allie6311.
Coyotenon: February of 2005!
Holiday50: I actually joined Whyville in 2003 on my first account, Phoenix20.
Xoxkitkat: On this account, July 1st, 2008. I technically had joined on an earlier account, but honestly I think I stayed for like 3 days, got incredibly confused, and left. I don't think that counts.

DahCutie: What is one major new feature that has been added since when you were first on Whyville?

Fox4evr: The entire BBS/forums. Generally when I first joined, everyone sat in trading post room 1 and tried to sell their parts off that way. When I came back from quitting, I was so confused with the new forums.
AliChic: Pearls instead of WhyPasses was a big change!
Coyotenon: The addition of Scion was probably the major one, it was very exciting when it came out.
Holiday50: The BBS.
Xoxkitkat: Oh gosh, there's been so many, even in the past year. I'd have to say the one that stuck out to me most was the big forums update.

DahCutie: What chat rooms were popular when you were first on Whyville, and how has it changed since then?

Fox4evr: Every room was filled and popular. Mostly, it was the two beach room, roof, climate center, waterfall, and trading post room 1 that were the most popular when I first was on. Now only Beach and Woods are populated.
AliChic: South beach, Grotto, and Waterfall were always packed back then and now hardly anyone goes to them!
Coyotenon: Pool party was like THE PLACE TO BE way back in 2005. Back when I first joined every room was very popular though. People also seemed more friendly and engaging in the chatrooms! Now the places to be are only The Woods or The Sun spot. And even in those places it can be tough to get a conversation going!
Holiday50: The popular chat rooms were Beach - South, Sun Roof and the Trading Post. Although a few people still go to Beach - South, Sun Roof and the Trading Post are always empty.
Xoxkitkat: There was a LOT of popular chat rooms when I first joined. My little hang out place was Simon Says, it was almost always full. I liked going to trading post room 1 too.

DahCutie: What is something from older Whyville that you wish was brought back?

Fox4evr: I don't think I wish anything to come back except the amount of people who used to play haha. There's a dramatic decrease in population nowadays compared to how the site was thriving back in 07-09.
AliChic: I used to love going to the chat factory and customizing my chat bubble everyday! I was upset when they went away with that!
Coyotenon: Having another concert! Those were always so exciting and brought up a lot of buzz. And of course, long shirts.
Holiday50: Sponsored activities should be brought back because those activities brought Whyvillans together. For example, when The Little Mermaid sponsored Whyville, everyone flocked to the beaches to buy mermaid tails that gave access to an underwater maze. Then everyone worked together to get to the end of the maze where there was a clam storm.
Xoxkitkat: I preferred the old Pick Your Nose folders because I thought they were more specific and made it easier to find things.

DahCutie: What is something new you would like Whyville to add?

Fox4evr: I'm not a creative person so I don't exactly have any great, brilliant ideas for the site but it would be nice to see more community involvement in events on the website. There's a lot of events that occur that nobody shows up to.
AliChic: I think they should add more games because a lot of them everyone has played before and it's always good to change things up a bit!
Coyotenon: NEW people to the site! More advertising being done instead of spending time creating more fancy rooms, why build the rooms if there are not going to be people left to enjoy them!
Holiday50: Whyville should add something new that teaches Whyvillans about natural disasters and what to do in the event of a one. For example, Whyville could have a natural disaster such as a tornado or a volcanic eruption. During the natural disaster, the weather in chat rooms would change for a few days and cause damage to Whyville.
Xoxkitkat: I'd love it if we were able to send in Times articles directly through Whyville instead of e-mail.

DahCutie: What styles and popular face parts were there when you joined?

Fox4evr: Back when I first played, ladycb's were very popular. I joined in the middle of the "layer-19-hair-pieces-in-your-hair" phase. The style of having super layered parts over one other as well as having lips on a very long neck was super popular when I joined.
AliChic: Layered hair, layered shirts, and wearing lips on your neck was the thing back then. Oh the memories!
Coyotenon: Putting all your face parts near the bottom of your face all squished up was popular haha. Also arms with bracelets, a hair I think was called "d1rty blonde" girls would always layer a few of those on and wear it, long shirts, and the designer mitsuy!
Holiday50: In 2003, everyone used to wear face parts by kitadol and crumple. Everyone wore a blonde hair called "Dirty Little Secret", pink and black bunny years, and a matching shirt.
Xoxkitkat: So much! I think that's what I kind of liked about Whyville before was that there were always these silly little trends to get you excited. But I remember steez eyes, the ridiculous over the nose blush, celebration hair, and plaid shirts!

DahCutie: How do you think that Whyville has progressed throughout the years?

Fox4evr: To be entirely honest, the only progression I've seen is the creation of the forums (and witnessing more detailed face parts and more talented designers). Otherwise, I don't see much of a progression occurring on this website. The population has significantly declined.
AliChic: I think whyville has changed quite a bit throughout my time some things for the better and some things not so much!
Coyotenon: The site has grew with more rooms, much more games, it has evolved and became much more user-friendly (aside from the java problems many are having). But the downfall is how the active user percentage has declined.
Holiday50: Whyville was at its best around 2008 when there were a lot of sponsored activities, the chat rooms were always full, and it was easy to meet new people. However, after the addition of the BBS, Whyville?s quality has been declining. Whyville does not have a sense of community anymore because the majority of chat rooms are always empty.
Xoxkitkat: I think the events get better and better every year. Mardi Gras and Prom this past year were amazing!

I want to thank those that participated. It was interesting to hear about how Whyville has changed for them, and you hardly heard the same answer twice! So many bright ideas were brought forth. Now that's what I call Nostalgia!


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