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The Follower: Part 3

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"I want you and your friends. You guys look so delicious, especially that witch." a thick, raspy voice whispered in my mind.

"It's him," I explained, "He turned off the engine. He whispered to me. He wants to eat us." With that, the engine started, and Bobby got run over, and the car stopped. He was now under the car. I saw a sinister face in the windshield. "Sara, can you just poof us all home or something?" I requested.

"One second," Sara explained, "I need my book of spells." She rummaged through her purse, only to find that her book wasn't there. "It isn't here."

"Let's get out of this car and run home. Run faster than we ever thought we could." I said. We all got out and started running through the woods.

"Don't look back," the raspy voice said to me, "or I will get you." I decided to take its advice. Marcy, Sara, and I heard a swoosh of wind. Sara looked back, and saw Leslie's skeleton.

"Oh my god!" she exclaimed. "She's dead!"

"Stop it!" I replied, "Do this for Bobby and Leslie. Use them as your motivation." We heard another swoosh and Marcy's skeleton fell to the ground.

Sara explained. "I remember an old protection spell. It's like a bubble around you and whoever you're holding hands with when the spell is cast. Nothing can get in, nothing can get out. It also keeps propelling you in the direction you look. We can use it to protect ourselves, and I can try to remember a teleportation spell." She casted it. I felt a surge of strength. I magically kept being propelled forward. "I remember part of it." she told me. The real question I asked myself was if she remembered it correctly.

By the time the spell was up, she had remembered the spell completely. She used it, and we teleported into another place in the woods. We turned around and couldn't see him. I had no doubt that he could smell us, though. This gave us time to think what we could do. "Do you know exactly where we are? Which direction is my house. Maybe we could run there." I interrogated.

"About 15 minutes from your house. Northwest." She replied. We started running northwest. You see, since Sara was a witch, she could technically smell me, then locate my house with a special spell. After 15 minutes, we made it to my house. Sara lived next door, so she walked to her house. I went upstairs into my room. I looked out the window in fear, thinking about my camping experience. I saw that sinister face of The Follower peer into my window. I heard a thud downstairs, like bones falling to the ground. He had murdered my mother. I ran downstairs and out the door. I ran into the woods, and decided to never stop until I found a perfect spot.

'I've been running through these woods for hours. I can't keep up much longer.' I thought to myself. I eventually found myself a cave, and hid in it. I saw him run past the entrance, and he kept running. I wrote a spell on the wall that I found peering into Sara's book once. He would run for five more minutes trying to trace me, and he would disintegrate. It gave him and I a psychic link, so I would know when he died. I waited five minutes.

I heard the sound of death in my ears. I had killed him. I defeated my greatest fear, The Follower. I rested in the cave, as I would probably need to run home soon.

When I woke up, I made my way home. Sara and I had casted a spell that would bring our friends back to life, and teleport them here. It used a great deal of my energy, but it was for a good cause. Sara wiped everyone's mind, of what happened, except hers and mine. She declared me a witch like her, because with the right spells, I could do a lot. I was powerful. She gave me her first spell book, and I started studying.

Author's Note: I forgot to write that Bobby got out of the car and opened the hood in the previous part. Sorry.


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