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Down With Webster

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Last weekend I got to meet one of my favorite bands, Down With Webster, at a meet and greet at the mall before their concert. Now, if you don't know who Down With Webster is, I encourage you to check them out. They're a Canadian band whose genre is a tad difficult to explain, as it involves rap, hip hop, rock, pop . . . basically a little bit of everything.

Prior to this meet and greet, I had drawn a picture of the band using prismacolour pencil crayon. I've worked with prismacolour a lot and would have to say that this drawing is by far my favorite as I believe it looks pretty realistic. One challenge I had to overcome while drawing it was the fact that the reference picture for the top left image was in black and white, and I had to translate that into color. I was quite happy with the final product, which I gave to the band at the meet and greet. The guys reaction to it was perfect and both Camm and Tyler posted the drawing on their Twitter and instagram accounts, which was awesome because it got me a lot of recognition as an artist.

(Top row, left to right: Camm Hunter, Marty Martino, Pat Gillett, Bucky, Tyler Armes, Diggy the DJ)



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