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Cupid's Curse Contest

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Love is in the air -- in the form of heart-shaped cookie dough donuts if you are Bibi4evr. And nothing kicks off the season of love like the sweet smell of clams -- 500,000 to be exact. So plant those red roses and violet violets (What color blind doofus thought they were blue?) and join us on this quest for clams, because who needs love anyway, right?


1. To show that you want to participate in the contest, you must post your look for the beauty contest below on the thread that will be made for the article.
2. By signing up for the contest, you are agreeing to do *ALL* parts.
3. As a way to prove to Xoxkitkat that you read the fine lines, you must type "I Love Ross Lynch" along with your post in the forums.
4. By agreeing to participate in the contest, you are hereby selling your souls to Bibi4evr.

Part 1: Cursed by Cupid

Will you be struck by the love bug? Or will you be shooting the arrows? Take your own spin on: Cursed by Cupid, for the first part of the contest. This section will be evaluated on a scale of 1-10 and we will be evaluating: originality, aesthetics, and complexity (of your look). To see the type of thing we are looking for, the Bibi doppelgangers have modeled for us below.

In order to make the issue, your look must be posted on the forums by February 14th 12 pm Whytime.

Part Two: Lovestruck Letters

You can't possibly have a Valentine's Day without corny, artery-clogging Valentine's cards. To commemorate this longstanding tradition, your next task is to compose a poem in a style that would make William Shakespeare proud. This poem can be however long (or however short to our fellow slackers) as you want, the only catch is that is must begin with the lines:

Roses are red
Violets are violet
. . .

This poem will also be due by February 14th 12 pm Whytime and you will submit this part of the contest by y-mailing it to Xoxkitkat AND a City Worker of your choice, because even CWs need some sugar (Shhh, don't say it was us!). Include the name of the City Worker you sent your poem to in the y-mail to us.

The poem will be judged on: Creativity. nuff' said. To rhyme or not to rhyme, we would care less. As long as it hits us in the feels, you will be in the running.

Part 3: Love to LOL

For the final part of the contest, we want you to come up with the best (or worst) Valentine's Day knee-slappers you can think of. Just remember that whether you choose to do knock-knock jokes, riddles, puns, or whatever else you come up with, be sure to put a little heart in it!

Y-mail your joke to Bibi4evr to complete your entry into the contest. Once again, the deadline for this portion is: February 14th 12:00 pm Whytime.

We bid you luck on your heart-throbbing quest for clams, and are excited to see all of your submissions! On that note, we'll leave you all with a little Valentine's pun inspiration. . .

Authors' Note: You might be interested to know that this monster of a contest was originally going to span a time period of 2 weeks. Awkwardly enough, we each thought the other one was going to send this into the Times Editor. Lucky for you all, the time was cut in half! We apologize if it's a bit much, but we hope you've got a little time for us!


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