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Introspective Challenge

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It takes mere seconds to judge a person once you meet them. Reflecting upon yourself, however, isn't quite as simple. Since the person in question is yourself, it's hard to remain neutral and keep your integrity. I was challenged to be introspective during a scholarship interview where some of the questions below were inspired from.

Another thing similar about this interview to the one I had in real life are the timed conditions. A lot of added pressure comes in when you are asked these personal questions in a short time span. My overall interview was intended to be under 10 minutes, and yet portray a comprehensive look into myself and why I deserved the scholarship.

To emulate this on Whyville, I asked the interested interviewees to reply with all the questions within a 10 minute time span, from the minute I sent the ymail with the questions, and their responses are as follows:

Bibi4evr: Tell me about yourself in five sentences.

Jillith: I'm fifteen and people say I laugh and smile too much. Apparently I have 'no backbone.' I'm also easily entertained, go figure. Let's see, I've got pitch black hair and dark brown eyes. Oh, I'm a total Mahomie.
Mariet97: I am the type of girl who isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in. I'm on the honors program at school. I have been told I'm very patient. Music and photography keep me calm. I love learning new things about the world we live in.
HotTrent1: I'm really indecisive when it comes to everything. I suppose I'm somewhat intelligent. I want to become a veterinarian when I'm older, but I've also thought about journalism. I've been job hunting for about a month now, but one job I just applied to seems promising. I've been pretty inactive on Whyville lately.

Bibi4evr: Give three adjectives that best explain you.

Jillith: I'm manipulative, quiet, and odd.
Mariet97: Funny, nice, and intelligent are adjectives people use to describe me.
HotTrent1: Quiet, interested, and thoughtful.

Bibi4evr: Explain one positive aspect about yourself.

Jillith: I'm pretty smart when it comes to school stuff.
Mariet97: I love to help others so I tutor, go to hospitals and read to people, and babysit in my free time.
HotTrent1: I'm pretty persistent, but I know where to draw my boundaries most of the time.

Bibi4evr: What is your biggest internal challenge?

Jillith: My biggest internal challenge is overcoming my pride, what a drag.
Mariet97: My internal challenge is deciding how I can make the world better. I want to feel like I can make a difference.
HotTrent1: Fighting my urge to procrastinate is definitely the big one.

Bibi4evr: Using only 10 words, make a sentence where the topic is about yourself.

Jillith: Mariah's favorite music doesn't match what you'd think it'd be.
Mariet97: I love the feeling I get when I help others.
HotTrent1: I wish I could eat and sleep for a living.

I want to first and foremost thank the interviewees for committing to the time limits given and giving their wonderful responses. I know from first-hand experience that it is no easy feat. Just like the interviewees in this article, I used up very possible second given trying to construct answers that described myself wholly.

Now my task for the Whyvillians who have read the article is to try to answer these questions for yourself mentally (and if you want, share them on the BBS under the article topic). Then you'll get to see for yourself that while the task seems easy, a lot of reflecting is involved for the short duration.


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