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What I Heart: February

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Hello readers! Welcome to my February "What I Heart: article. Every month I report on two different stores, showing you what I've been liking from them. Last month's stores were Bank and Desire Clothing. The two I've been liking this month are Dorothy Perkins and Lipsy London. Both stores are popular here in the U.K, and are great stores. I've created a collage one for each store, showing you what I've been liking from them.

Firstly Dorothy Perkins was founded in 1990, it's a very well known store. They've even had items designed for them, by the Kardashians. I especially like their shoes, but the dresses are amazing also. Here is what I have been liking from them.

Prices - British Pounds

Floral joggers - 26.00
Print jeggings - 26.00
Nude heels - 29.00
Flats - 13.00
Satchel bag - 17.00
Black bag - 59.00
Red dress - 26.00
Daisy dress - 21.00
Butterfly dress - 26.00
Kimono - 57.00
Pink shirt - 21.00
Cream jumper - 20.00
Navy jumper - 16.00

The next store is Lipsy London. I have shopped many times there, and often buy my fancy party dresses from there. They sell amazing jewellery clothes and other items. Just like before here is the collage for Lipsy.

Lipsy watch - 45.00
Watch set - 35.00
Bracelet - 14.00
Red bag - 50.00
Tartan bag - 50.00
Heels - 70.00
Maxi dress - 75.00
Yellow dress - 70.00
Black top - 35.00
Pink dress - 58.00
Kardashian red dress - 50.00

It's time to wrap up this article. I hope you liked this article, and see you next month. Be sure to check out both these stores.

Author's Note: http://www.lipsy.co.uk/


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