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Just a Hint of Light

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Hello, all! Are you enjoying the final winter months before spring arrives? I am hoping and praying that spring comes around the corner anytime now because, well, I am sick of the snow! However, the snow does allow photographers to grab some amazing shots. I took this one on my way home from work one evening before daylight's saving time made it amazingly bright outside during the P.M. hours!

Here are a few facts about the lovely (not-so-lovely) snow:

Just one snowflake that falls from the sky is made up of 180 BILLION molecules of water. Have you ever wondered how fast the snow actually falls? Studies show that it is 3.1 miles per hour, which is 5 kilometers. Those are some pretty slow snowflakes we are watching!

Did you know that snow is actually colorless? Snow absorbs a very small amount of sunlight that is distributed evenly over the wavelengths of visible light and VOILA, the snow appears white! Are you afraid of the snow and have a real fear of it? Well, you just might have chionophobia!

Enjoy the snow while it is still here, folks, if you live in a cold region of the world! If you are soaking up the sun throughout these months, well, then I will be forever jealous!

Author's Note: Source: UnofficialNetworks


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