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Modest Fashion: Swimwear

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Society today is really hard on teens and women. I recently read a few articles online stating that teens who're a size 5 and up are obese. I weigh 120 pounds and I wear a size 8 and they're telling me I'm obese? Wrong. Everyone just has different body shapes, but society doesn't see that. Everyone's beautiful no matter what size they are. On top of that society considers you uncool if you don't wear a bikini, short shorts, or yoga pants. I'll admit that I wear all of those.

Last month I was shopping for a swimsuit and I came across many bikinis that I'm not sure how the models felt comfortable in. They were wearing little to no clothing! I decided to find a crochet swimsuit or some one piece that was a little more modest. The one that I found was $150. I don't know about you but I just don't have that money to spend on swimsuits! That's when I decided from now on I'm going to try to dress more modest at cheap prices. If I can spend $60 on Pink Yoga pants, I can try to buy more modest things with that money. I've decided to start a series for you girls to help you dress more modestly, too!

Summer is coming closer than we know it, so I've decided to make this week's topic swimwear!

This swimsuit is one of my favorites! It can be found at Walmart or on their website. It's only $15!

I really like the pattern on this swimsuit! This can be found at Target on their website for only $30!

This swimsuit is almost the EXACT same swimsuit I found online that was over $100. This can also be found at Target or on their website for only $40.

Thanks and stay tuned for next week's article!


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