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As you all know, our society is pretty . . . interesting, I guess you could call it. If you compared what has happened in today's culture to, say, even two years ago, things would be so different. Think they'd know what twerking is? Maybe, maybe not. But these topics are controversial. Here are some Whyvillians' opinions on popular actions and events that have happened in the past or are currently taking place.

Business4: Miley Cyrus (And her whole performance "incident"): Yay or Nay?

Thinmin12: Both. It was very . . . horrifying. But, seeing the reactions were hilarious!
RinAndLen: I don't like how she acts at all and any of her performances, but I do like her music.
MsTimes: Nay, she used to be such an inspiring role model to everyone, but everything just went down hill. Adult or not, I would take care of my reputation and not ruining it to be known as a person who's not having clothes on in music videos or a twerking machine.
Rosi1415: Noooo. I despise Miley Cyrus; she's vulgar and tacky.

Business4: Hashtags outside of social media (As in going up to your friends and saying "hashtag hi" or saying in conversation "LOL, hashtag stupid"): Yay or Nay?

Thinmin12: Nay. I do it to my friends SOMETIMES, to mess with them. But other than that, no.
RinAndLen: I think they're funny unless someone uses the word "hashtag" in every word in their sentence, then that's not cool. I'd probably only use it to make fun of.
MsTimes: I think it's cool but at the same time it's pretty stupid in my opinion. It's fun when you're talking to friends once in a while but not every single day. So I'll have to say nay.
Rosi1415: No. Whenever my sisters or friends use hashtags I refuse to respond due to their stupidity.

Business4: Young kids using technology (Such as phones or tablets that aren't really designed for them . . . Apple, for example) Yay or Nay?

Thinmin12: Nay.
RinAndLen: Nay! Sorry, but I went to my old elementary school and I saw kids with iPhones? I don't even have a phone and I don't need one either. I believe these kids should be out at the park playing with friends, not posting selfies everywhere.
MsTimes: This is what bothers me so much, it's really a waste of time if you give a 5-8 year old a iPod or iPhone. Many still have tantrums and you know that's going to be thrown. N-A-Y.
Rosi1415: No. It's leading them to a life of laziness and dependency on electronics. Not to mention they're rather expensive and not to be left in a child's careless hands.

Business4: Twerking in public (As in at a dance club or with friends at a party): Yay or Nay?

Thinmin12: Nay! I'll only do it in my room, maybe with a close friend.
RinAndLen: Nope nope nope. I don't like it. It's okay with me if you're doing it somewhere private, but not in public. Save myself from the embarrassment.
MsTimes: Nay. If it's at a slumber party and private I'll join it jokingly, but if someone's shaking there ba- ooty, I find it as a seek for attention.
Rosi1415: That'd be rather embarrassing, I'd imagine.

Business4: Cursing a lot: Yay or Nay?

Thinmin12: I do it a lot, so Yay.
RinAndLen: It's in the middle, I suppose. A few "words" here and there is alright, but if you're going to use it after every word in your sentence then please don't even bother talking to me. I'll probably just ignore you.
MsTimes: Nay. I have a few friends who do this but it's just showing off if you're going to cuss that much and that's just foul language to go around with.
Rosi1415: I don't really care. Lord knows I swear like a sailor.

Business4: Heavy makeup (Think 13-year-old girls): Yay or Nay?

Thinmin12: NAY
RinAndLen: No way!
MsTimes: Nay, lol. When I see a girl with all black eyeshadow and eyeliner I think they're goth. They shouldn't be worrying about their appearance, of course take care of yourself but I don't think it's an appropriate age to start that phase.
Rosi1415: No. I'm thirteen-going-on-fourteen and all I wear is mascara. I even think perhaps mascara is a bit heavy. Why would I want to cake my face is layers of expensive mud?

Business4: Social media pretty much controlling everything (Like when commercials show, a hashtag pops up, or you must enter a contest through a social profile only): Yay or Nay?

Thinmin12: Both. I don't have a tweeter, so I can sign up for anything.
RinAndLen: I don't mind it and I usually never notice or pay attention to them, haha.
MsTimes: Nay, I hate this. They expect everyone to have it, but they block out older people who cannot understand that. It's usually only teenagers or young adults.
Rosi1415: Nah. I find it petty, yes, but I don't really care.

Business4: Rap music: Yay or Nay?

Thinmin12: Nay.
RinAndLen: Everyone likes their own genre of music, but my opinion varies on the type and what exactly is being said.
MsTimes: Yay, there's no problem with it.
Rosi1415: No, thank you very much. I'd much prefer to be listening to rock and metal than a man with his pants at his knees spewing crude meaningless words.

Business4: The whole "skinny" thing (Like you must be skinny and have a thigh gap and stuff): Yay or Nay?

Thinmin12: NAAAAY. Be happy with your body.
RinAndLen: Size shouldn't be anyone else's problem and people should just keep their mouth shut because I sure wouldn't like it if someone told me "Oh you're not skinny because you don't have curves, a thigh gap, etc." Obviously I'd be able to notice that considering the fact I see my body every day.
MsTimes: Nay, lol. The sad thing is that people actually make fun of people for being fat and that's just sick. But the messed up is that so much people make fun of each other, skinny or not.
Rosi1415: I'm one of those girls who don't really care what their weight is. I've been told I'm skinny, but it doesn't matter to me. Every person is beautiful and shouldn't feel forced to hold themselves to some simpleton's standards.

Business4: The message of today's music (Which is about partying hard, drinking a lot, not caring about anything, yadda yadda): Yay or Nay?

Thinmin12: Nay.
RinAndLen: I don't like it. I think it's dumb and it's messing up the society. People are going to start listening to these messages and actually go with them, but it depends on the person. If they'll actually do it, or just ignore it and enjoy the song, I guess.
MsTimes: Nay, most is stupid and about drinking and partying.
Rosi1415: No. It's meaningless trash. Pfft, people wonder why today's society is particularly trashy.


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