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Once Upon a Star

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Let me tell you a story, it's one I think Whyville needs to hear. Now, I can't deny the fact that it tends to be cliche, but it does the trick on teaching you a lesson. Read and I'll explain more at the end . . .

Once upon a time there was a star. This star shone brightly in the sky every night when the moon was full and a certain young girl eagerly awaited its arrival. This star seemed to reflect the young girl's emotions on the night of a full moon; showing as bright as ever as she laughed herself to sleep and a lingering dull when her tears slipped into the fabric of her pillows. This star was an emblem of her inner self; pronouncing her feelings to the world. The young girl would rest her head upon the windowsill and scan the skies once every month to get a look at the star. She never truly knew it at the time, but the star was always there for her specifically to be her guide through the path of facing the passions of her heart and the indifference of her soul. She was a troubled young girl who feared she would no longer hold control over her body if it were not for the star to remind her what she may have forgotten each month.

Now you may ask: how can one forget what they are feeling? It is far too often the tragic tale of how one neglects the callings from within and falls to the minds persuasions. We, as humans, tend to assimilate habits that we feel will shelter us from the evils of this world, but it also shields us from the good.

So there the young girl sat, looking to a star to remind her of how she felt and encourage those feelings with a flash of light or a haze of shadows. She had done this every night for years and years until suddenly it came time to move. A new location; a new beginning: that is what her parents had told her the day before her pretty things hid in cardboard boxes and her curtains remained drawn on the moving night - the night of the full moon.

Now, the sky may be endless but stars have their place. The young girl was not so young anymore and she knew that moving meant leaving her beloved star behind and her new sky would be like looking up into a myriad of detached twinkling particles - they could never match the sentiments of her star. But she had no choice in the matter. So with a heavy, reluctant heart she went with her pretty things in those cardboard boxes to the next place she would call home.

The girl was right; her new stars were nothing in comparison to her own. She found herself wondering if the star missed her or if it would continue to show what she always felt she needed to see. There was always a sense of calm that came with watching your emotions before your very eyes. The girl missed it so very much and it had only been a few days. Time could only tell how the girl would deal with the move of home and the removal of her star.

Time is a tricky thing, a tricky thing indeed. In time the girl grew older, in time the girl moved on, in time the girl built a life, in time the girl fell in love. In time the girl never bothered to check the phases of the moon or gaze a while at the diamonds of the night - no, the girl had better things to do with her time.

She witnessed tragedy in her life more than she seemed to witness love. Though, the old girl witnessed the making of a family and felt the comfort of a stable home. This old girl had a young girl of her own, and she moved back to the old town she used to call home. It was there they settled and it was there the old girl's daughter asked, "Why are you so open, Mother, when speak of darkness in your past?" The mother replied just as the star had taught her to, "If you open your heart, there's no telling what's in store for you."

A kiss to the head is what they old girl gave before she left her daughter to sleep. The daughter was young, but she understood and started to drift further into the night. More years passed and the old girl had finally reached her peak. It is said that on the night of her final breath, a star exploded and the sky sparkled its goodbyes.

We should never ignore what we feel inside, no matter how easier it is to do than face the problem. Everyone eventually feels scared and wants to run away, it's what it means to be human. But you have to acknowledge what your heart is telling you because it's a part of who you are. If you want to have a good life, you can't run when things get hard and stay for the good. You have to know when you need help and reach out instead of hiding it away or pushing it aside. Let someone be your star! Reach out for that help - I'm always here to chat.


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